Recognizing Innovation Influencers

Innovation is the lifeblood of the oil and gas industry. However, innovation requires invention. Invention requires ideation. Ideation requires inspiration.

The value of an idea is found in how it is used, as Thomas Edison, the inventor of the modern-day lightbulb and more, once noted. Ideas and all of their possible uses become reality when the brightest minds transform inspiration into innovation.

In recognition of the oil and gas industry’s brightest minds, inventive innovators and leaders of cutting-edge technology development, E&P is proud to announce the 2020 Energy Innovators.

These men and women, nominated by their peers and colleagues, have demonstrated leadership and made significant contributions to advancing oil- and gas-related technologies. It is in their hands that the next generation of innovations and the industry will thrive.

The Honorees

Profiles by E&P Contributing Editors Judy Murray and Michelle Thompson