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BOEM Completes Review of Dominion’s Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind


Lufeng 12-3 in South China Sea Begins Production


Exclusive: EQT CEO on Unleashing the U.S. LNG Sector [WATCH]


Exclusive: The Energy Industry's Path Forward [WATCH]

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IndustryVoice: Streamline Analysis for Improved Performance in Unconventional Plays


US Drillers Cut Oil and Gas Rigs for First Time in Three Weeks


Oceaneering Prices Private Offer of Senior Notes at $200MM


Sempra Infrastructure Receives FERC Approval for Port Arthur LNG Phase 2


ArcLight Capital Partners Appoints Curt Morgan as Senior Adviser


W&T Offshore Closes $32M GoM Shallow Water Deal



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Markets Stories

Commentary: Reaganomics and the Texas Grid

ERCOT’s frequent energy conservation alerts this summer only serve to remind Texans the grid has not been fixed in the face of unaccountable…

The ‘White Gold Rush:’ Extracting Lithium from Alberta’s Wastewater

Companies with an abundance of wastewater could also benefit from lithium extraction in what is being called the “white gold rush,” analysts say…

Feedgas Flows to U.S. Freeport LNG Drop Sharply

Feedgas flows to Freeport LNG, the second-largest U.S. LNG exporter, dropped sharply over the weekend and remained down for the third day in a row…

Chart Talk: Venezuela’s Subsidized Fuels Range from Free to Cheap

In OPEC-member Venezuela, fuels are subsidized or unsubsidized while prices range from free to cheap at $0.02/gallon on the low end. But drivers…

Want To See A Texas Oil And Gas Boom? Look At The Jobs.

Texas oil and gas employment had made large gains and wages are up 22% from first-quarter 2022.

Is Venezuela the New Iran? Sanctions, Elections Weigh on Oil Powerhouse

Luis Vicente León, president of Datanalisis, Venezuela’s top polling firm, spoke with Hart Energy in an exclusive interview about Venezuela’s oil…

US Central States, Texas in Danger of Power Shortages Amid Heat Wave

Two U.S. electric grids may not have enough power to meet demand plus required reserves on Aug. 14 as homes and businesses crank up their air…

CHART TALK: Gasoline Prices Soar South of the US-Mexico Border

Drivers in Mexico are paying a hefty 125% premium for gasoline and an average 122% more for diesel compared to their U.S. counterparts, according…

YPF Boosting Production—and Debt

Argentina’s state-owned energy giant YPF SA boosted its total production in the second quarter, driven mainly by robust shale operations, but the…

Q&A: US Sanctions Ravage Venezuelans as Democracy Withers [WATCH]

Datanalisis President Luis Vicente León spoke with Hart Energy about the realities of U.S. sanctions on Venezuela to force free elections and the…