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Occidental Petroleum Cuts Dividend Again, Now to 1 Cent


Aker BP Contracts Optime’s New Remote Tubing Hanger Technology


Total Needs to Cover $12 Billion Shortfall due to Crisis, CEO Says


TGS Commences Atlantic Margin 20 3D Survey


BP Names David Lawler as New Head of BP America


Petrofac Secures Iraq Contract Extension with Basra Oil Company


Subsea 7 to Lay Off 3,000 Following Oil Market Slump


Chevron Shareholders Approve Push for More Transparency on Climate Lobbying


Basic Energy Services Consolidates US Lower 48 Operations


PATH FORWARD: Comstock Resources’ John Jacobi on Haynesville, Natural Gas Outlook


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PATH FORWARD: Opportune’s David Baggett on Survival Tactics for Oil Downturn

David Baggett, founder and managing partner of Opportune, says oil and gas companies are focused on short-term survival and lowering costs, which…

PATH FORWARD: Former Deputy National Security Advisor Says Oil’s Collapse a Geopolitical Reset

A shift toward nationalism will happen in a post-pandemic world, Harvard Kennedy School’s Meghan O’Sullivan says. Here’s how that might affect U.S…

Coronavirus Will Create New Opportunities in the Midstream Sector

East Daley analyst: One clear lesson is that energy cycles are a force for creation as well as destruction.

IEA Still Sees Record 2020 Oil Demand Fall But Easing Lockdowns Helping

Demand is expected to fall by 8.6 million barrels per day (MMbbl/d), the IEA said in its monthly report, raising its estimate by 690,000 bbl/d…

PATH FORWARD: KPMG’s Regina Mayor Says ‘It’s Grim’ But Shale’s Not Dead

KPMG’s Regina Mayor gives a look at how U.S. shale producers will respond to demand loss and who is getting hit the hardest in the energy industry…

PATH FORWARD: Oilfield Service Companies Turn to International Market for Survival

As oilfield service companies adjust operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are planning to invest internationally rather than U.S…

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Faced with a devastating collapse in oil prices in a global battle for market share, some Texas producers are calling for the return of proration…

The E&P Survival Guide

Amid a pandemic and a disastrously timed OPEC+ supply war, executives, analysts and consultants advise hedging strategies, keeping a close watch…

Market Perspective: Dan Pickering on Truths, Consequences and Energy Investing

“The people who are going to save this industry are not going to be OPEC or Trump. It’s going to be the industry itself,” Dan Pickering, founder…

How Would Trump Bail Out the Oil Industry?

President’s tweet promises that the DOE and Treasury Department will produce a plan to prop up the struggling oil and gas sector.