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DUG Appalachia: Gas-averse Regions Put Selves at Mercy of Weather

Regions trying to wean themselves off natural gas, like New England and Europe, are at risk of an energy crisis in a harsh weather event, says BOK Financial’s Dennis Kissler.

COP28: Victories, Challenges Still Facing Climate Agenda

COP28 gives the private sector—including those from the oil and gas industry—and other delegates an opportunity to chime in on the global climate agenda set by world leaders.

COP28 Kicks Off with Climate Disaster Fund Victory

The early breakthrough on the damage fund, which poorer nations had demanded for years, could help grease the wheels for other compromises to be made during the two-week summit.

DUG Appalachia: ‘Forgotten Child’ Ohio Sees Oil Output Soar

More than $100 billion in investments have poured into Ohio’s oil and gas sector in the past decade.

Cheniere, ARC Resources Sign 15-Year Integrated Production Marketing Agreement

Cheniere Energy Inc. and Cheniere Energy Partners LP entered into a 15-year integrated production marketing gas supply agreement with a subsidiary of Canada’s ARC Resources Ltd.

Commentary: LatAm Outlook 2024—Top Five Economies to Watch and Why

In 2024, energy investors interested in Latin America will likely find the most attractive opportunities linked to developments in Argentina, Brazil, Guyana, Mexico and Venezuela. That’s if they can hold their nerves amid ongoing uncertainties mainly tied to politics in many of the countries.

Letter From the Editorial Director: 50 Years of Telling Your Story

For Hart Energy's 50 anniversary, Oil and Gas Investor traces the history of the energy industry since 1973, examining the key events, trends, mergers and technological advancements that paved the way to today.

Brent Crude Oil Closes Below $80 Ahead of OPEC+ Meeting

Prices tumbled midweek when OPEC+ postponed to Nov. 30 a ministerial meeting to iron out differences on production targets for African producers.

US Court Validates Deal on Venezuela Bonds

The U.S. Treasury Department lifted its ban on secondary market trading of Venezuelan bonds in October, prompting prices of Venezuelan and PDVSA bonds to rise as investors expect a renegotiation of debt.

What's Affecting Oil Prices This Week? (Nov. 27, 2023)

A delayed OPEC meeting, Russian oil export sanctions, falling confidence in Chinese multinational companies and the Israeli-Hamas conflict are all playing a hand at affecting oil prices this week.