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In Service: Appalachian E&Ps Banking on MVP for Bigger Returns

Appalachian Basin E&Ps are expected to ramp up production for the Equitrans-operated Mountain Valley Pipeline by 2025 — although, near term, only about 38% of the line’s capacity is expected to be used, an analyst said.

US Producers to Contribute to 2030 Oil Supply Surplus

Higher world oil production, led by U.S. and other producers in the Americas, will outpace demand between 2023-2030 and inflate the world’s spare capacity cushion, according to the IEA.

BP-owned Archaea Energy CEO Starlee Sykes Talks RNG

BP became the largest producer of RNG in the U.S. when it acquired Archaea Energy in 2022. Sykes was named CEO in 2023.

PGS, TGS Merger Receives Final Approval from UK Authorities

With regulatory conditions satisfied, PGS and TGS’ merger is expected to be complete July 1 and will establish the combined entity as a full-service geophysical data company. 

Wars Complicate Energy Transition Despite US LNG Security Blanket

Analysts with Norway’s Equinor argue that increased levels of geopolitical conflict and outright wars “have made the energy transition more fragmented,” despite U.S. LNG creating an energy security blanket for Europe and elsewhere.

What's Affecting Oil Prices This Week? (June 10, 2024)

Stratas Advisors says the latest EIA report illustrates that U.S. production growth has stagnated with U.S. oil production remaining at 13.1 MMbbl/d, which is unchanged from the previous 12 weeks.

US Speeds Up Purchasing for Strategic Petroleum Reserve as Oil Prices Dip

President Joe Biden's administration said on June 6 it has increased purchasing of crude oil to replenish the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

A Slippery Mess: Are Oil, Gas Interests Regulated Securities?

The murky overlap between securities laws and oil and gas interests could land individuals and companies on the wrong side of a securities-related investigation.

Canada's Oil Sands CEOs Push Back Against Proposed Oil, Gas Emissions Cap

The oil and gas sector is Canada's highest-polluting industry, accounting for more than a quarter of all emissions.

Weatherford to Deliver Drilling Services to Bapco Upstream in Bahrain

The contract with Bapco Energy subsidiary Bapco Upstream replaces Weatherford’s old drilling services contract from 2015.