White Papers

Emission Possible: Navigating the New Era of Methane Regulation with Qube Technologies

The Super Emitter Program poses new challenges to the oil and gas industry. Effective 2024, operators could be held publicly accountable for large emission events. Monitoring technologies which detect emissions sooner can prevent small, manageable leaks from becoming qualified super-emitter events under the rule. Qube Technologies’ continuous monitoring platform can help operators limit super-emitters events and avoid negative publicity from the Super Emitter Program through real-time detection, localization, and quantification of methane leaks.

Presented by Qube Technologies

How Field Service Management Will Transform Your Field Operations

Connect your field and back office teams to improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Presented by W Energy

Run Field Operations from a Single Pane of Glass: How a Unified Production Operations System Improves Efficiency and Boosts Your Bottom Line

Discover how you can sidestep the growing pains of digitization and make every facet of your operations more efficient.

Presented by W Energy

New Case Study: How ClO2 in Extraction Water Treatment Improves Efficiency, Reliability, and Sustainability

As the oil and gas industry redefines its commitment to responsible energy production, EWT emerges as a beacon of progress. This whitepaper not only illuminates the technical triumphs of ClO2 in EWT but also underscores its role in reducing our industry's ecological footprint. Discover how EWT transforms challenges into opportunities, offering a path forward that aligns seamlessly with both operational intensity and environmental stewardship.

Presented by PureLine

Bridging the Utility Gap: Powering Remote Project Sites with Temporary Solutions

The availability of electricity is essential for any off-grid, remote location, such as oil & gas and mining projects. However, research shows that connecting to the utility power grid can take as long as three years.

Planning Ahead: Emergency Backup Power for Hurricane Season

As hurricanes and disasters become more common, it is critical to have a plan in place to know what actions to take and identify the right equipment to ensure a safe and efficient recovery.

Cryptocurrency Mining Basics: What It Is, How It Works and How to Power the Operation

If you are considering mining cryptocurrency, here is what you need to know about the world of cryptocurrency, why mining is critical, and the equipment required to run a successful business.

Responsibly Sourced Gas Reverses Headwinds for Upstream Operators and Helps Drive a Sustainable Future

This guide helps operators quantify the risks, take action against the headwinds and build a competitive advantage by creating confidence in natural gas as a sustainable, decarbonization-compatible energy solution.

Presented by Project Canary

People-Powered Strategies for Energy Industry Success

Industry instability, difficulties attracting and retaining top talent, shifting technology, new work environments, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues are just some of the challenges the energy industry is facing in 2022. Download the 2022 HR & Benefits Report for the Energy Industry.

Presented by Gallagher

Utilities-Scale Solar Projects: Progress Tracking and Documentation

Drone benefits don’t stop after site selection - in fact, many companies are leveraging drone solutions throughout the entire construction of a solar project, for a range of use cases. Discover how to reduce your solar inspection time by 40% in this data-driven eBook.

Presented by Drone Deploy