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Kissler: Mideast Tension Elevates Crude Prices—But for How Long?

Producers should be aggressive in locking in desirable crude oil prices on an abnormal market strength.

May 9
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Gas Prices in a Summer of Discontent

In February, natural gas prices dropped below $2/MMBtu and stayed there. How is the market handling it, and when will the price pick back up?

Kissler: Mideast Tension Elevates Crude Prices—But for How Long?

Producers should be aggressive in locking in desirable crude oil prices on an abnormal market strength.

It’s Complicated: E&Ps Find Some Financial Tailwinds, But It’s Not All Smooth Sailing

Relatively stable WTI prices in the $80s/bbl provide some breathing room as companies allocate cash for operations, and pragmatism is seeping into the energy transition movement.

Decoding the Delaware: How E&Ps Are Unlocking the Future

The basin is deeper, gassier, more geologically complex and more remote than the Midland Basin to the east. But the Delaware is too sweet of a prize to pass up for many of the nation’s top oil and gas producers.

OGInterview: Building EIV Capital’s Midstream Investment Strategy

Midstream-focused EIV Capital has added non-operated assets and transition projects to its portfolio as a sign of the times.

Permian Gas Finds Another Way to Asia

A crop of Mexican LNG facilities in development will connect U.S. producers to high-demand markets while avoiding the Panama Canal.

Markman: Want CO2 Gone Now? Well, You Don’t Always Get What You Want

A slew of scenarios shows that climate goals can be achieved with the use of fossil fuels and CCUS.

Oil and Gas Chain Reaction: E&P M&A Begets OFS Consolidation

Record-breaking E&P consolidation is rippling into oilfield services, with much more M&A on the way.

Segrist: The LNG Pause and a Big, Dumb Question

In trying to understand the White House’s decision to pause LNG export permits and wondering if it’s just a red herring, one big, dumb question must be asked.

Keeping it Tight: Diversified Energy Clamps Down on Methane Emissions

Diversified Energy wants to educate on emission reduction successes while debunking junk science.

Romito: Net Zero’s Costly Consequences, and Industry’s ‘Silver Bullet’

Decarbonization is generally considered a reasonable goal when presented within the context of a trend, as opposed to a regulatory absolute.

Paisie: Crude Prices Rising Faster Than Expected

Supply cuts by OPEC+, tensions in Ukraine and Gaza drive the increases.

Brett: Oil M&A Outlook is Strong, Even With Bifurcation in Valuations

Valuations across major basins are experiencing a very divergent bifurcation as value rushes back toward high-quality undeveloped properties.

Darbonne: The ESG Sword: BlackRock's Life, Death by ESG

BlackRock, the $10 trillion investment manager, is getting heat for too much ESG investing, while shareholders are complaining it’s doing too little.

Hirs: Aspirations Meet Reality—The Undisclosed High Cost of the Energy Transition

The nation is trying to keep up with the growth of renewable power resources, but before transmission lines can be built, the power plants must first have interconnects with the grid. 

73-year Wildcatter Herbert Hunt, 95, Passes Away

Industry leader Herbert Hunt was instrumental in dual-lateral development, opening the North Sea to oil and gas development and discovering Libya’s Sarir Field.

The Jones Act: An Old Law on a Voyage to Nowhere

Keeping up with the Jones Act is a burden for the energy industry, but efforts to repeal the 104-year-old law may be dead in the water.

Haynesville’s Harsh Drilling Conditions Forge Tougher Tech

The Haynesville Shale’s high temperatures and tough rock have caused drillers to evolve, advancing technology that benefits the rest of the industry, experts said.

From Satellites to Regulators, Everyone is Snooping on Oil, Gas

From methane taxes to an environmental group’s satellite trained on oil and gas emissions, producers face intense scrutiny, even if the watchers aren’t necessarily interested in solving the problem.

Sunoco’s $7B Acquisition of NuStar Evades Further FTC Scrutiny

The waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act for Sunoco’s pending acquisition of NuStar Energy has expired, bringing the deal one step closer to completion.

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