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Deep Dive: The Evolution of Offshore Development

Deepwater development and installation technology has come a long way since its start. 

Nov 30

Safer Than Ever, But Room for Improvement

Nov 29

Blockbuster Bonanza

Nov 28
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Hart Energy at 50: How We’ve Grown

Founded in 1973 with a Rockies-focused magazine and a directory, Hart Energy today is the go-to source of internationally recognized print, digital, in-person conference, mapping and databases of market intelligence for U.S. and global energy leaders.

Deep Dive: The Evolution of Offshore Development

Deepwater development and installation technology has come a long way since its start. 

Safer Than Ever, But Room for Improvement

Advanced technology and social changes have made the oil patch less dangerous for U.S. workers, but industry insiders say there is always room for improvement.

Energy Transition Slowly Rolls Out as Demand Continues to Grow

While a supply crisis drove shifts in energy and policy during the 1970s, innovation and economics have driven other transitions, such as the moves from firewood to coal to oil and natural gas. Renewable energy and low-carbon energy resources have taken center stage.

Blockbuster Bonanza

A half-century of massive deals, eye-popping purchase prices and larger-than-life characters have reshaped the global energy landscape as we know it.

Price Volatility? You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

The past is prologue: From Rockefeller to the RRC to OPEC, there have been endless efforts to control the price of oil. They haven’t worked. And they won’t.

Letter From the Editorial Director: 50 Years of Telling Your Story

For Hart Energy's 50 anniversary, Oil and Gas Investor traces the history of the energy industry since 1973, examining the key events, trends, mergers and technological advancements that paved the way to today.

We Need to Act Like the Energy Leader We Are

Our energy policy needs to reflect and enhance our role as the global energy and environmental leader.

The Romance of Oil and Gas

As Hart Energy commemorates its 50th anniversary in the December issue of Oil and Gas Investor, Hart looks back on what truly drives the oil industry—the romance and thrill of the business. 

Paisie: If Conflict Expands, Oil Could Hit $115/bbl

While the oil market is currently dismissing geopolitical risks, Stratas Advisors' John Paisie says the possibility of the Israel-Hamas conflict progressing in an unpredictable manner may cause a spike in oil prices.

Methane Emissions: A Three-pronged Regulatory Blitz

A number of regulatory forces are in motion to lower methane emissions that are going to have a profound impact on the U.S. oil and natural gas industry in the coming years.

Commentary: Is Saudi Arabia Friend, Foe or Just Fickle?

With OPEC+ meetings in Vienna on Nov. 26, Saudi Arabia remains the de facto head of the group — and a wildcard.

Commentary: Chevron Holds Steady in Venezuela

Chevron appears to be in Venezuela to recoup money from the OPEC country while confronting a number of headwinds, including political uncertainties and a now truncated General License No. 44.

EOC: Oil Industry Losing Talent to Big Tech, Bad Reputation

Drawing in younger talents requires changing hearts and minds about the industry, Energy Workforce & Technology Council president says.

Commentary: Notable Quotes and Headlines from 3Q Earnings

Reading between the lines of midstream management's third-quarter commentary, executives had plenty to say about dividends, M&A and misjudged opportunities. 

Peering into 2024: Where Will Oil, Gas Prices Go?

As 2023 closes and we look ahead, energy prices remain volatile and dependent on weather and geopolitical factors.

Midstream Consolidation Pays Off in the Third Quarter

Pipeline company M&A continues as Lower 48 production soars while midstream companies also hiked dividends despite weak commodity prices.

Analysis: Endeavor Energy’s Value Could Hit $30 Billion

Exxon Mobil’s valuation of Pioneer Natural Resources plus new Endeavor data suggests buying Endeavor Energy Resources could come with a high price tag, according to Hart Energy analysis.

Romito: Energy Companies Must Improve Quantitative Narrative

The U.S. and Europe have successfully figured out how to significantly lower their emissions profiles without sacrificing economic output.

Permian Resources Finds ‘Unique Value Prop’ in Small-ball M&A

Permian Resources isn’t ruling out more large-scale M&A after closing a $4.5 billion acquisition earlier this month, but the growing E&P sees multiple opportunities for small-scale bolt-ons in the Delaware Basin.

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