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Pitts: Heavyweight Battle Brewing Between US Supermajors in South America

Exxon Mobil took the first swing in defense of its right of first refusal for Hess' interest in Guyana's Stabroek Block, but Chevron isn't backing down.

Apr 9

Markman: Is MethaneSAT Watching You? Yes.

Apr 5

Mighty Midland Still Beckons Dealmakers

Apr 5
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The Jones Act: An Old Law on a Voyage to Nowhere

Keeping up with the Jones Act is a burden for the energy industry, but efforts to repeal the 104-year-old law may be dead in the water.

Pitts: Heavyweight Battle Brewing Between US Supermajors in South America

Exxon Mobil took the first swing in defense of its right of first refusal for Hess' interest in Guyana's Stabroek Block, but Chevron isn't backing down.

Markman: Is MethaneSAT Watching You? Yes.

EDF’s MethaneSAT is the first satellite devoted exclusively to methane and it is targeting the oil and gas space.

Mighty Midland Still Beckons Dealmakers

The Midland Basin is the center of U.S. oil drilling activity. But only those with the biggest balance sheets can afford to buy in the basin's core, following a historic consolidation trend.

E&P Earnings Season Proves Up Stronger Efficiencies, Profits

The 2024 outlook for E&Ps largely surprises to the upside with conservative budgets and steady volumes.

Darbonne: Brownsville, We Have LNG Liftoff

The world’s attention is on the far south Texas Gulf Coast, watching Starship liftoffs while waiting for new and secure LNG supply.

Woodside Brings in the Know-how

Woodside Energy Group CEO Meg O’Neill is relying on technical sophistication to guide the Australian giant as it takes on three challenging projects in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

Paisie: Dutch Vehicle Fleet Foreshadows Structural Shifts

The expanding role of battery electric vehicles will be supported by the development of associated supply chains, as indicated by Stratas Advisors' forecast of global EV battery production capacity.

Belcher: Our Leaders Should Embrace, Not Vilify, Certified Natural Gas

Recognition gained through gas certification verified by third-party auditors has led natural gas producers and midstream companies to voluntarily comply and often exceed compliance with regulatory requirements, including the EPA methane rule.

Kissler: OPEC+ Likely to Buoy Crude Prices—At Least Somewhat

By keeping its voluntary production cuts, OPEC+ is sending a clear signal that oil prices need to be sustainable for both producers and consumers.

Hirs: SEC’s Enhanced Climate-related Disclosures Are Unnecessary—Even According to SEC

The SEC’s rationale for enhanced climate-disclosure rules is weak and contradictory, says Ed Hirs. 

Sabadus: US to Steer Global Energy Markets Amid Clashing Forces

Increased geopolitical risk and the shift from fossil fuels to renewables are pulling the world in different directions, and the U.S. will be called to play a significant role in the global tug of war. 

Pitts: Producers Ponder Ramifications of Biden’s LNG Strategy

While existing offtake agreements have been spared by the Biden administration's LNG permitting pause, the ramifications fall on supplying the Asian market post-2030, many analysts argue.

Hirs: LNG Plan is a Global Fail

Only by expanding U.S. LNG output can we provide the certainty that customers require to build new gas power plants, says Ed Hirs. 

Kimmeridge Fast Forwards on SilverBow with Takeover Bid

Investment firm Kimmeridge Energy Management, which first asked for additional SilverBow Resources board seats, has followed up with a buyout offer. A deal would make a nearly 1 Bcfe/d Eagle Ford pureplay.

Qnergy Tackles Methane Venting Emissions

Pneumatic controllers, powered by natural gas, account for a large part of the oil and gas industry’s methane emissions. Compressed air can change that, experts say.

TPH: Lower 48 to Shed Rigs Through 3Q Before Gas Plays Rebound

TPH&Co. analysis shows the Permian Basin will lose rigs near term, but as activity in gassy plays ticks up later this year, the Permian may be headed towards muted activity into 2025.

Silver Linings in Biden’s LNG Policy

In the near term, the pause on new non-FTA approvals could lift some pressure of an already strained supply chain, lower both equipment and labor expenses and ease some cost inflation.

Cyber-informed Engineering Can Fortify OT Security

Ransomware is still a top threat in cybersecurity even as hacktivist attacks trend up, and the oil and gas sector must address both to maintain operational security.

EQT Deal to ‘Vertically Integrate’ Equitrans Faces Steep Challenges

EQT Corp. plans to acquire Equitrans Midstream with $5.5 billion equity, but will assume debt of $7.6 billion or more in the process, while likely facing intense regulatory scrutiny.

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