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Safer Than Ever, But Room for Improvement

Advanced technology and social changes have made the oil patch less dangerous for U.S. workers, but industry insiders say there is always room for improvement.

US Coast Guard Says 3% of Gulf of Mexico's Daily Oil Output Remains Shut In

No new oil has been spotted since Nov. 20 from the suspected release, the U.S. Coast Guard said as it leads clean-up efforts.

Tackling Methane Emissions: Triple Crown’s Secret to Success

Triple Crown Resources, the private Permian Basin operator, is cutting methane emissions and delivering returns.

We Need to Act Like the Energy Leader We Are

Our energy policy needs to reflect and enhance our role as the global energy and environmental leader.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Impacting Several Producers - Officials

Officials said investigations and surveys were ongoing to determine the source of the discharge, but added that there were no reported injuries or shoreline impacts so far.

Methane Emissions: A Three-pronged Regulatory Blitz

A number of regulatory forces are in motion to lower methane emissions that are going to have a profound impact on the U.S. oil and natural gas industry in the coming years.

KBR Increases Support to UK’s Net Zero Goals

KBR’s company, Frazer-Nash Consultancy will continue to provide energy generation and distribution technical support in addition to its support contract.

Exclusive: Proactivity Towards Methane Reduction [WATCH]

Steve Pruett, president and CEO at Elevation Resources and chairman at IPAA, highlights methane emission problems in the Permian and steps to maintain the environment in this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive Interview. 

Water Recycling Costs Starting to Even Out with Older Oilfield Disposal

While injecting frac water into the ground remains the cheapest means of disposal, new methods of recycling are starting to catch up.

Romito: Energy Companies Must Improve Quantitative Narrative

The U.S. and Europe have successfully figured out how to significantly lower their emissions profiles without sacrificing economic output.