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E&P Plus - May 2021

E&P Plus Cover Story: Digitalization—A Guide to Building a Legacy

Industry leaders Chevron, Devon Energy and Hibernia Resources showcase how the integration of intelligent infrastructure can be a transformative business strategy for long-term success.

E&P Plus - April 2021

E&P Plus Cover Story: ESG in Oil and Gas—Searching for Answers

Building an ESG case and presenting the right evidence to stakeholders across the value chain has become a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma for producers and service providers in oil and gas. So how are they setting about solving it?

E&P Plus - March 2021

E&P Plus Cover Story: Keeping the Flow

Water management faces challenges and opportunities as the industry recovers.

E&P Plus - February 2021

E&P Plus Cover Story: Rapid Rise of Remote Operations

Restricted movement due to global lockdowns has pushed oil and gas companies to reimagine operations and embrace remote technologies faster than ever.

E&P Plus - January 2021

E&P Plus Cover Story: Charting a New Course

Frac innovations accelerate financial and environmental sustainability efforts for the North American shale industry.

E&P Plus - November 2020

E&P Plus Cover Story: Will Big Data Shape Recovery?

In the midst of a historic disruption with remote operations becoming the new normal, oil and gas companies are rethinking Big Data analytics to navigate the uncertainties of the industry’s post-pandemic future.

E&P Plus - October 2020

E&P Plus Cover Story: ESG Takes Root

There’s little doubt sustainability will be part of doing business in oil and gas fields going forward. Now, how do companies go about quantifying their efforts?

E&P Plus - September 2020

Industry Recovery: The Other Side

As the oil and gas industry regains strength following a tumultuous second quarter, companies could emerge anew.

E&P Magazine - August 2020

Are You Ready for the Recovery?

Maintenance of shut-in oil and gas wells will mean a lot when they restart.

E&P Magazine - July 2020

E&P Cover Story: Accelerating Remote Operations

Oil and gas industry adopts technologies to ensure worker safety.

E&P Magazine - June 2020

Cracking the Shale Code

The hard-learned lessons of the past decade can shape shale’s future.

E&P Magazine - May 2020

Maintaining Integrity: Cutting-edge Technologies Ensure Wellbore Stability

One of the most critical elements of the well design process is ensuring the wellbore’s stability throughout its entire life span, from drilling to completion to production all the way through to abandonment.

E&P Magazine - April 2020

US Gulf of Mexico: Keeping the Faith

Ingenuity and innovation are delivering steady growth in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico oil and gas industry.