November 2020 E&P Plus magazine

E&P Plus - November 2020

In this month's cover story, Faiza Rizvi poses the question, "Will Big Data shape recovery?" In the midst of a historic disruption with remote operations becoming the new normal, oil and gas companies are rethinking Big Data analytics to navigate the uncertainties of the industry’s post-pandemic future. This article features interviews with Honeywell, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, ABB, W Energy Software, Schlumberger, IBM and Equinor. (Includes Video)  

The Executive Q&A highlights an exclusive video for E&P Plus from Schlumberger’s Hinda Gharbi, who believes shifting industry trends have only accelerated this year. Gharbi, EVP of service and equipment, said the company was already focused on changing industry dynamics. (Includes Video)

The Operator Spotlight by Brian Walzel features an exclusive interview with Goodrich Petroleum's president and COO, who details the company’s plans and said confidence in gas prices and low service costs solidify the Haynesville E&P’s 2021 plans.
Velda Addison details offshore wind challenges discussed during the virtual OTC event as well as exploration opportunities in Ghana discussed during the virtual SEG20 conference.
The Digital Solutions article by Mary Holcomb offers readers an exclusive interview with Honeywell's senior director of global services and connected safety. 
The Regional Report by Larry Prado highlights the Andaman Sea and Southeast Asia. 

As I See It

E&P Plus As I See It: The Urgent Need for CCUS

With financial resources dwindling, oil and gas companies must prioritize greenhouse-gas reduction efforts.

Cover Story

E&P Plus Cover Story: Will Big Data Shape Recovery?

In the midst of a historic disruption with remote operations becoming the new normal, oil and gas companies are rethinking Big Data analytics to navigate the uncertainties of the industry’s post-pandemic future.

By the Numbers

E&P Plus By the Numbers: Big Data in Oil and Gas

This infographic highlights key statistics related to Big Data and analytics in oil and gas. 

Executive Q&A

E&P Exec Q&A: Schlumberger’s Hinda Gharbi Believes Shifting Industry Trends Have Accelerated

Efficiency, responsiveness, innovation and digitalization are among the factors that will shape the future of the oil and gas industry, according to Hinda Gharbi, EVP of service and equipment with Schlumberger.

Operator Spotlight

E&P Operator Spotlight: Goodrich Petroleum President and COO Details Company’s Plans

Confidence in gas prices and low service costs solidify Goodrich Petroleum’s 2021 operations in the Haynesville Shale.

World View

Eyeing Exploration Opportunity in Ghana

The West African country is depending on seismic data to attract investors and drive further development of its oil and gas resources.

Industry Pulse

Challenges Facing Budding US Offshore Wind Sector

Policy and permitting, the environment and metocean conditions, and infrastructure were among the topics discussed as companies aim to advance projects.

Analyst Corner

Energy Transition: Threading the Regulatory Needle

The oil and gas industry needs to position itself strategically to attract investments while working to achieve low-carbon goals.

Special Report

E&P Plus Guest Column: Energy Transition Requires Solutions from the Oil & Gas Industry

Achieving further success toward a lower carbon future will continue to require major investments of time, money and ingenuity.

Digital Solutions

E&P Digital Solutions: Cloud-based Safety Platform Enhances Worker Protection

A new digital technology delivers real-time notifications for improved worker safety and productivity in the oil and gas industry.


E&P Plus Data Feature: The Time to Digitalize is Now

It can be an opportunity to reevaluate how a company spends its time and what is influencing its productivity as a business.

E&P Plus Drilling Feature: Collaboration Leads to Improved BHA Performance

Extended-reach laterals in the Delaware Basin require robust technological innovation.

E&P Plus Energy Transition: Advancing Hydrogen in the Energy Mix

Baker Hughes successfully tests and distributes hydrogen-blended gas turbine.

E&P Plus Offshore Feature: Addressing Obsolescence in Control Systems

Efforts to extend the life of oil and gas production assets may make it necessary to consider upgrading obsolete controls infrastructure.

E&P Plus Perforating Tech Feature: Boosting SWD Well and Producer Performance

Propellant-boosted perforating optimizes performance in SWD and producing wells.

E&P Plus Production Feature: Unconventional Rod Pumping

Complete, predictable, end-to-end sucker rod control allows successful rod pumping in challenging unconventional and deviated modern wells.

Regional Report

E&P Regional Report: Wet Gas Prospect Spurs Resource Development in Andaman Sea

Development for Southeast Asia looks promising with exploration programs planned for 2021 and 2022.

Tech Watch

E&P Plus Tech Watch: Optimizing Flow Measurement Accuracy to Reduce Costs

Smart flow conditioning projects pay for themselves, says Don Lundberg, senior engineer at Fluid Components International.

Tech Trends

E&P Tech Trends: New Data Analytics Technologies

With the upstream industry navigating challenges due to remote operations, low oil prices and demand destruction, these new technologies, trends and collaborations in the area of data analytics will help companies increase efficiency and optimize operations.

Activity Highlights

E&P Plus: November 2020 International Drilling Activity Highlights

Check out the latest oil and gas drilling activity highlights from around the world featured in the November issue of E&P Plus including an exploratory test offshore Guyana by Exxon Mobil plus a deepwater gas discovery in the Turkish sector of the Black Sea.

E&P Plus: November 2020 US Drilling Activity Highlights

Check out the latest oil and gas drilling activity highlights across the U.S. featured in the November issue of E&P Plus including a Purple Sage Field-Wolfcamp well in New Mexico, a Haynesville Shale producer in Louisiana’s Sabine Parish and an Ascent Resources Utica Shale discovery.

On The Move

E&P Plus November 2020: On the Move

Check out the latest new hires, appointments and promotions as well as new company office and facility openings. 

Last Word

E&P Plus Last Word: A Service Provider’s Perspective on the Energy Transition

A willingness to step outside comfort zones will enable the OFS industry to make meaningful contributions to the energy transition.