E&P Plus-April 2021 issue-ESG in oil and gas

E&P Plus - April 2021

In the April issue of E&P Plus, Len Vermillion covers ESG in oil and gas, featuring interviews with Schlumberger and US Well Services.

In the Executive Q&A video, Brian Walzel chats with TGS CEO Kristian K. Johansen about the energy transition.

He also interviews Upwing Energy CEO Herman Artinian about gas-lift technologies.

In an interview with ADNOC Group, Faiza Rizvi reviews Abu Dhabi’s developing unconventional resources. Check out her article, "Permian in the Middle East? UAE stepping up to replicate US shale boom."

As always, E&P Plus includes explorationdrillingcompletionsproduction and offshore features in every issue. 

Cover Story

E&P Plus Cover Story: ESG in Oil and Gas—Searching for Answers

Building an ESG case and presenting the right evidence to stakeholders across the value chain has become a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma for producers and service providers in oil and gas. So how are they setting about solving it?

Executive Q&A

E&P Plus Company Spotlight: Filling the Gap in Gas-lift Technologies

Upwing Energy CEO Herman Artinian shares details about the company’s evolution, how its technologies work and the state of the artificial lift industry.

E&P Plus Exec Q&A: TGS CEO Kristian Johansen Talks Energy Transition

Data-driven upstream service company diversifies to meet energy transition demands.

World View

E&P Plus: Permian in the Middle East? UAE to Replicate US Shale Boom

The UAE’s unconventional resources show promising results, with production potential comparable to the most prolific North American shale plays.

Industry Pulse

Streamlining STO

Tighter management of shutdown, turnaround and outage (STO) projects can save millions in maintenance costs. Here’s a blueprint for doing STO more efficiently.

Analyst Corner

E&P Plus: Appalachia and the Race to Capitalize on Higher Henry Hub Prices

Who can access spare Appalachia takeaway? This analysis takes a look at how pipeline takeaway capacity will determine which companies can grow production and on which midstream systems.


E&P Plus: Data-Based Inspections: It’s Time to Get Real

A winning combination of historical and real-time data can ensure optimum operability and profitability for aging assets.

E&P Plus: Keeping Proppant Downhole

On-the-fly curable resin coating controls proppant flowback and improves production.

E&P Plus: Maximizing Production from Complex Reservoirs

New high-definition NMR LWD technology helps improve well placement in complex clastic and carbonate reservoirs.

E&P Plus: Reservoir Characterization: Combining Machine Intelligence with Human Intelligence

An integrated approach for reservoir characterization bridges the traditional disciplinary divides, leading to better handling of uncertainties and improvement of the reservoir model for field development.

E&P Plus: Want More Efficient Field Inventory Visibility?

A new technology empowers companies to efficiently take inventory and asset management into the modern digital oilfield age.

Tech Trends

E&P Plus Tech Trends: Data Analytics and Cloud Computing Technologies

With increasing focus toward remote operations, strategic adoption of cloud computing technologies will allow oil and gas companies to scale their data management and drive higher efficiencies.

Last Word

E&P Plus Last Word: Rolling Out a Vaccine for Oil and Gas Wells

Predictive modeling using digital technologies and data analytics will help reduce carbon emissions.