May 2020 E&P Magazine

E&P Magazine - May 2020

The May E&P cover story focuses on well integrity. Other features cover carbon capture utilization and storage, frontier exploration and marine seismic, HP/HT drilling, production logging and ROV applications. In addition, the digital solutions articles focus on cloud computing, and the operator solutions articles review efficiency management. 

As I See It

From E&P Executive Editor: Bent Not Broken

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic might be a boon to a new future for the oil and gas industry.

Cover Story

Maintaining Integrity: Cutting-edge Technologies Ensure Wellbore Stability

One of the most critical elements of the well design process is ensuring the wellbore’s stability throughout its entire life span, from drilling to completion to production all the way through to abandonment.

Well Integrity: Hydraulic Fracture Program Performance Assessments

The evolution of acoustic imaging has led to significant improvements in downhole imaging.

World View

What the Oil Price Crash Means for Decarbonization

Companies expect to continue efforts toward carbon capture and storage amid low prices.

Industry Pulse

E&P Industry Pulse: ‘Oil Field of the Future’ is Here Now

Monetize data and optimize efficiency in the age of Industry 4.0.

Drilling Technologies

E&P Drilling Technologies: Rope, Soap and Hand Sanitizer?

An emerging e-commerce company that usually supplies critical components for oil and gas drilling operations responds to the safety demands of the COVID-19 virus.

Completions and Production

Opinion: US Should Do Its Part in Oil Production Cuts

Regulating production helps stabilize wildly volatile oil market.

Digital Solutions

E&P Digital Solutions: The Hidden Costs of Self-Implemented Automation

The implementation of cloud-based automation services can deliver cost savings and increases in operational efficiencies for oil and gas producers.

Upward E&P Trend: Moving Subsurface Data to the Cloud

A new cloud environment could be the answer to next-generation interpretation in the oil and gas industry.

Shale Solutions

Shale Solutions: Biosurfactants—the Future of Cost-effective Flow Assurance

Customized green treatments are outperforming conventional treatments in sustainability and more effective oil recovery.

Offshore Solutions

Offshore Solutions: Enhancing Subsea Inspection with Augmented Intelligence

Acquire valuable data-driven insights to improve efficiencies and enhance condition monitoring by pairing human intuition with automation.

Operator Solutions

E&P Operator Solutions: Methane Measurement Understanding the Big Picture

By establishing a good strategy for emissions management, oil and gas operators can bring an end to the never-ending chase of identifying and fixing leaky systems.

E&P Operator Solutions: Offshore Technology Delivering Value in Onshore Wells

A new perforating system developed to reduce rathole lengths to accommodate gun debris finds additional applications.


E&P Drilling Tech Spotlight: Enhancing Mud Cleaning for Better Wellbore Zonal Isolation

A new high-performance spacer fluid delivers success in mud removal and thermal stability downhole.

E&P Drilling Tech Spotlight: High-performance Solid Expandables

The development of HP/HT solid expandable systems extends capabilities for oil and gas operators to address the growing extremes of HP/HT wellbore construction.

E&P Production Tech Spotlight: Diagnosing Flow Downhole

Production logging is an essential resource for managing well and reservoir performance, but traditional methods only see half the picture.

Exploration: Redefining Multi-Azimuth Seismic Acquisition

An innovative method improves spatial sampling and adds complementary azimuths from new multisensor broadband acquisition to enrich existing seismic data.

Frontier Exploration: Advanced Reprocessing of Legacy Seismic Data Offshore Peru

Subduction zones and associated forearc basins may hold significant undiscovered oil and gas reserves.

Offshore: Subsea Resident ROV Supports Critical Operations

Resident vehicle systems can provide offshore oil and gas operators with standby, emergency support and cost savings through eliminating vessel requirements.

Tech Watch

Reduce Capex by 20% or More Using Microproppants

Shale well production enhanced, decline rates reduced and EUR improved with high-compressive strength microproppant.

Tech Trends

E&P Tech Trends: Next Evolution in Gyro Surveying; Continuous Corrosion Monitoring; More

Check out the latest products and services for the upstream oil and gas industry including the release of an all-attitude, solid-state drop gyro surveying system by Gyrodata.

Activity Highlights

International Highlights

Check out the latest E&P highlights from around the world.

On The Move

On the Move

Check out the latest new hires, appointments and promotions as well as new company office and facility openings. 

Last Word

E&P Last Word: Empowering the Back Office

The choice of accounting software may be holding back oil and gas companies from unlocking significant costs savings and efficiency gains.