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Lift-off: How AI is Boosting Field and Employee Productivity

From data extraction to well optimization, the oil and gas industry embraces AI.

Subsea7 Awarded Sizable Contract in GoM

Subsea7 will install a flowline for Talos’ Sunspear development in the Gulf of Mexico.

AI Poised to Break Out of its Oilfield Niche

At the AI in Oil & Gas Conference in Houston, experts talked up the benefits artificial intelligence can provide to the downstream, midstream and upstream sectors, while assuring the audience humans will still run the show.

Haynesville’s Harsh Drilling Conditions Forge Tougher Tech

The Haynesville Shale’s high temperatures and tough rock have caused drillers to evolve, advancing technology that benefits the rest of the industry, experts said.

Amid ‘Battery Arms Race,’ Xerion CEO Talks Tech, Maturing Market, China

The late-stage battery startup is active in the military and electronics space, but is gaining attention for technology that extracts lithium from geothermal brine.

Schneider Electric’s Heather Cykoski: Infused AI is Everywhere

Schneider Electric puts sensors in the technology it provides customers, creating the ability to gather data, predict operations and drive efficiency.

Plus 16 Bcf/d: Power Hungry AI Chips to Amp US NatGas Draw

Top U.S. natural gas producers, including Chesapeake Energy and EQT Corp., anticipate up to 16 Bcf/d more U.S. demand for powering AI-chipped data centers in the coming half-dozen years.

Betting on the Future: Chevron Technology Ventures’ Investment Strategy

After a quarter century, Chevron Technology Ventures seeks both incremental and breakthrough technologies with its early-stage investment program.

‘Monster’ Gas: Aethon’s 16,000-foot Dive in Haynesville West

Aethon Energy’s COO described challenges in the far western Haynesville stepout, while other operators opened their books on the latest in the legacy Haynesville at Hart Energy’s DUG GAS+ Conference and Expo in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Exclusive: Scepter CEO: Methane Emissions Detection Saves on Cost

Methane emissions detection saves on cost and "can pay for itself," Scepter CEO Phillip Father says in this Hart Energy exclusive interview.