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IndustryVoice: Hydrogen Blending in Natural Gas Pipelines - Meter Compatibility, Challenges, and Industry Solution

Companies around the world are using hydrogen blended with natural gas to reduce the amount of carbon output or the greenhouse gas emissions that come from the combustion of hydrogen. The question this brings is: Can the current flow meters handle this without the need to redo the whole pipelines’ infrastructure and their measurement stations? 

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April 12, 2024
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IndustryVoice: A Bold New Take on the Industry’s Most Popular Pump

Join Dana Meadows, Baker Hughes Artificial Lift Systems, as she discusses the newest pump in the LIFTPrime 400 Series, the E2000. This new workhorse reduces the number of pumps needed in your ESP string from 3 to 2 and offers the highest power efficiency range across the widest operating range in the industry, for efficient, versatile, and more economic operations.

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April 11, 2024
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IndustryVoice: Synergen - Emerging Stronger and More Expansive Amidst a Gritty and Unforgiving Oil & Gas Industry

Synergen, led by CEO Matt Adkins, epitomizes the concept of synergy in action. Drawing from his background as a nurse anesthetist, Adkins understands the power of multiple systems working together cohesively to achieve a common goal. However, it was the gritty realities of the oil and gas water industry—symbolized by the sounds of bulldozer tracks and the smell of condensate—that truly defined success for him.

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March 26, 2024
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IndustryVoice: North Sea Remote Pipeline Isolation from the Beach

Remote operations from shore aren’t science fiction. Two industry companies teamed up to decommission a pair of pipelines on Equinor’s Veslefrikk field in the North Sea using a resident ROV system and remotely operated pipeline isolation solution. Using remotely operated ROVs and pigging tools helped to reduce HSE risks to personnel and decrease the carbon footprint of operations.

October 27, 2023
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IndustryVoice: Preventing Revenue Loss and Promoting Environmental Responsibility

Detechtion’s own Shannon Hugetz had the opportunity to moderate the conversation,
Emissions Management & Technology Challenges at Hart Energy’s Carbon & ESG Strategies 2023 conference this year. The panel comprised of a wealth of knowledge and thought starters for how solutions and technology providers are meaningfully supporting the energy industry’s transition to a future of less emissions.

October 13, 2023