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Hart Energy editors deliver North American energy news, candid interviews with industry leaders, specialized databases, and online data tools. It’s the complete package on what’s happening today, why it matters — and the impact it will have tomorrow.

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All group subscriptions enable your organization to access the largest and most complete database on North American energy infrastructure assets (via Rextag’s Energy DataLink™) online service.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

A Site License can be purchased as:

  • A Group Site License defined as 2 or more seats for one company
  • A Company-Wide Site License available to the entire organization

To discuss pricing options contact Chris Rasch or call 713-260-4669.

You can also purchase:

  • A single subscription to for $49.99 monthly (credit card, auto-renew, cancel anytime). Go to to sign up and start receiving access.

Access the website from any device including desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Costs are based on the number of seats purchased. Licenses are billed annually and invoices are mailed to the organization as soon as the agreement is signed.

What digital access do I receive through a License?

A license includes unlimited access to the site for the seats purchased.

How do I activate my access?

A Group Site License requires all designated user email addresses be submitted to Hart Energy. Hart will establish accounts for designated users and establish a temporary password. The user(s) can change password at any time. Each member must use the company provided email address when creating account.

A Corporate Wide license requires a one-time registration form to be completed by each user. Hart Energy also provides a custom subscription page linked to your company’s domain name. Each member must use the company provided email address when creating an account.

Can I share my access with others in my company?

No, all license members are not to share their digital access or password with anyone. Additional restrictions may apply

Do I have to log in or create an account in order to use a license?

You must be logged in to the internet. You will then create an account the first time you sign in and can modify at any time. After completion, access will begin immediately.

When does my unlimited access expire?

Your access will terminate at the end of the contracted time period (usually one year).

Can I use my License with any internet provider and on any device?

Yes access can be on any internet provider. You can access the sites via any mobile or tablet device or desktop.

I have a License but my access is still limited, why?

If your access to content is restricted it may be because:

  • You are not signed in to your account
  • You are not connected to a network

If you require further help, contact Customer Service or call 713-260-6442.

How do I set up a trial?

To learn about Hart Energy Site License options and to set up a trial, contact Chris Rasch or call 713-260-4669

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