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Best Of This Week's Drilling Activity Highlights

best of activity highlights

In case you missed it, here's a look this week's drilling activity highlights around the world. Details on current and past activity available every day in Hart Energy's database. (Week ending June 7, 2019)

Exploration & Production

Plenty Of Room For Improvement In Recovery Rates

Longer-term applications to improve recovery rates will likely include EOR and improved infill well spacing designs, energy experts say. (Source: G.B. Hart/

There’s lots of oil out there, but the industry needs to improve recovery rates to gain the full benefit.

Exploration & Production

E&P Momentum: The Two Sides Of Consolidation

E&P Momentum: The Two Sides Of Consolidation

As industry observers argue for regional consolidation, oil and gas’ history emphasizes the important role that independents play in sector evolution.

Private Equity

Private Energy Capital: Famine Or Feast?

Private Energy Capital: Famine Or Feast?

The plight of private equity in an exit-challenged market pivots on perspective. And focusing on the lack in the short term risks missing the abundance in the longer view.


Natural Gas: US LNG

Natural Gas: US LNG

U.S. companies will be at the forefront in making final investment decisions this year for LNG plants that will begin commercial production in the mid-2020s.

Public Capital

Permian Player Pioneer Natural Resources Talks Monetizing Assets

U.S. shale players are shifting from quick production growth mode to increasing cash flow in hopes of returning money to investors. (Source: SG Arts/

Selling midstream interest, water infrastructure and long-dated inventory are among the options for the Permian pure-play.


What's Affecting Oil Prices This Week (June 24, 2019)?

Crude oil got another boost last week. Brent rose $1.35/bbl last week to average $62.92/bbl driven in large part by geopolitical concerns. 

US Cameron LNG Loadings Delayed A First Cargo Exported

At least two commissioning cargoes, one for France's Total and another for Spain's Repsol, were delayed, according to industry sources and shiptracking data.

US Refiner Phillips 66 Enters Offshore Oil Export Race

The offshore port would provide an outlet for oil coming from recently proposed Liberty and Red Oak pipeline joint ventures that will start in early 2021. Phillips will operate the $1.6 billion Liberty pipeline and help finance the $2.5 billion Red Oak pipeline.

Global LNG Producers See Cost Risks Looming Over Next Wave Of Projects

Limited number of contractors could put some of the $200 in projects at risk.


Executive Q&A: Ameredev, Part Two

Representing a new generation of nimble entrepreneurs, Ameredev CEO Parker Reese had quick success in his first private-equity outing. With the E&P playing field shifting, can he do it again?

Energy Executives Join Meritage Midstream Leadership Team

Layne takes over as COO; DeNezza is the company’s new CFO.

Quorum Software Adds Dallas-based Company To Growing War Chest

Quorum Software described Archeio Technologies as a leading provider of oil and gas document classification and smart search technology.

Stakeholder Midstream Announces Promotions

The promotions of Josh Roberts and Brett Baker are expected to make Stakeholder stronger and a more effective operation.


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IndustryVoice: The Value of Data in AI and ML for Geoscience Solutions

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are making their debut in the workflows of Exploration and Production, but AI and ML solutions are only as good as the data that trains them. With products like ARLAS and SaltNet, TGS has leveraged their expansive data library to focus on finding the right problems to solve.

Kosmos Takes Seadrill Rig In US Gulf

Seadrill Partners LLC has secured a one well contract with Kosmos Energy Gulf of Mexico Operations LLC, for the West Capricorn in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

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IndustryVoice: Providing Innovative Injection Well Solutions

WSP has provided a wide range of specialty well services to support injection, storage, geothermal energy and in-situ mining activities to numerous clients, including many Fortune 500 clients.

CNOOC International Extends Maersk Jackup Charter

The option has an expected duration of approximately 100 days, which means the Mærsk Innovator is now firmly contracted until February 2020.

Exploration & Production

How Does Gulf Of Mexico Stack Up Against Shale?

Optionality and infrastructure are key onshore and offshore as operators bring down costs.

Hart Energy's Unconventional Activity Tracker

Hart Energy's exclusive rig counts measure drilling intensity. They exclude units classified as rigging up or rigging down, and also exclude rigs drilling injection wells, disposal wells or geothermal wells. They are designed to offer the most accurate picture of what is actually occurring in the field.

Righting The Ship In Southeast Asia

As IOCs exit the area, regional operators look to stem the tide of declining production.

Standing Tall, Growing Higher

New pipelines in 2018 added much-needed takeaway capacity for the Appalachian Basin shale gas, ensuring continued growth in the region.


Coal Producer Buys Permian Minerals From Wing Resources For $145 Million

Alliance Resource Partners agreed to acquire assets from NGP-backed Wing Resources as the coal producer continues to grow its oil and gas minerals segment, particularly in the Permian Basin.

Exxon Mobil Seeks Bids For Norwegian Offshore Assets

xxon Mobil Corp. is considering selling all of the stakes it holds in oil and gas fields off the Norwegian coast, a spokeswoman said.
Two years ago the U.S. major —the world's largest oil company—sold its operated assets in the area.

Marketed: D-J Basin, Oklahoma Panhandle Operated Assets Plus HBP Leasehold

Investment Equipment retained EnergyNet for the sale of operated oil and gas assets in Colorado and Oklahoma through multiple auctions closing June 26.

Marketed: Operated Permian Basin Asset, Glasscock County, Texas

MGM Oil & Gas Co. retained Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse for the sale of an operated Permian Basin asset in West Texas thought an offering closing July 10.

Policy & Regulations

Candidate Unveils Plan To Slash Use Of Fossil Fuels

Washington Gov. Inslee said he seeks to ban drilling on public lands and end crude oil exports.

Investor LGIM Dumps Exxon Mobil From Its Future World Funds

The divestment of Exxon Mobil only applies to LGIM's Future World Funds which it says are set up for clients who want to express a conviction on ESG themes.

Canada Approves Contentious Trans Mountain Expansion

Trudeau’s government expects legal challenges to its decision.

Resource Guide To Focus On SB 181

Colorado Oil & Gas Association seeks to keep its members posted as the law’s rulemaking progresses.


Report: Planned Red Oak Pipeline Will Contribute To Crude Overbuild

Bernstein Midstream speculates that the additional pipeline projects will bring the 2021 WTI-Brent differentials to less than $4 a barrel, which is way below the current curve of $6.50.

Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline Expansion May Start In September

Once complete, the project will triple the capacity of Trans Mountain, which carries crude from Alberta's oil sands to British Columbia's Pacific Coast.

DCP Midstream Shuts Natgas Pipeline In Oklahoma After Explosion

One employee of a third party contractor involved in the work was injured in the explosion.

EQM Raises Cost, Delays Timing Of Mountain Valley Natural Gas Pipeline

Analysts at Height Capital Markets in Washington said they expect environmental groups will challenge the land exchange but still expect the pipe to enter service in the second half of 2020.