The newly expanded Trans Mountain Pipeline is fully operational and ready to deliver on its promise.

Chartered by Canadian oil producer Suncor Energy, the crude oil tanker Dubai Angel moored at a Vancouver oil terminal on May 20 to load the first delivery from the pipeline, Reuters has reported.

The Canadian government bought the line from Kinder Morgan in 2018 and spent $23 billion tripling the line’s capacity to 890,000 bbl/d.


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The expansion project for TMX, the primary passage for Canadian crude from the country’s interior to its West Coast, gives the country better access to Asian markets. Most of Canada’s oil is shipped through lines connected to U.S. ports.


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The government declared the project complete on May 1.

The Dubai Angel is a Marshall Islands-flagged vessel. The tanker will load about 550,000 bbl for eventual shipment to China, Reuters reported.