• How do I register for the conference?
    • Click on the "Register Now" button at the top of the site.
  • How do I pay with check?
    • After you complete the registration form online, you will be given the option to select “Check” as your payment type on the checkout page. You will receive a confirmation page when your registration is complete. Send a copy of that confirmation page and your check to the address below. Please include the event name and full name(s) of each registrant on the check.
      "Event name"
      Hart Energy
      1616 S. Voss Rd.
      Houston, TX 77057-2627
  • How do I get a receipt for registration purchases?
    • You can receive your receipt by clicking the "view invoice" link in your confirmation email.  If you cannot find your confirmation email, please email
  • How do I cancel my registration pass?
    • There are no cancellations or refunds. Substitute conference registrations can be made with no penalty. If you need to substitute a registrant, visit the registration page for your event. Then click on "View or Change Your Existing Registration", then enter the e-mail address used to register the attendee that can no longer attend. You will then be able to make a substitution.
  • How do I transfer or substitute my registration pass?
    • You must request a transfer or certificate of credit two weeks prior to the start of the event. Please email to request a certificate of credit. The credit will be issued for the full amount paid for the conference.
  • How do I receive credit to another conference?
    • Please send an email to to request a certificate of credit. The credit will be issued for the full amount paid for the conference.
  • When will I receive my registration pass/badge?
    • Badges can be picked up on-site. No advanced mailing is available at this time.
  • How do I register if I am Press?
    • Complimentary press passes are available to professional members of the media who are "working press" on assignment covering the event or the companies presenting. To qualify for a pass, you must be employed by or freelance for the editorial side of a business, financial, or general news print or online publication - or produce news segments for a broadcast network. Your role or title at the print or online publication or broadcast network cannot be in a sales, promotional, or executive capacity.

      If you are a freelancer, we will require the name and contact information for the editor who has given you the assignment to verify. Please contact: for a press pass.
  • Does Hart Energy sell or distribute attendee lists/contact info?
    • Hart Energy never sells or provides attendee lists. If you receive an email from someone soliciting the purchase of one of our conference lists, it is a scam from outside of our organization.


  • How do I purchase an exhibitor booth?
    • In the top navigation under "Exhibit/Sponsor," click on "Become an Exhibitor/Sponsor". Download the "Exhibitor Space Contract" PDF and fill out the form. Email the completed form to your contact your sales representative.
  • What is my booth number?
    • Once booth numbers are assigned, they are posted on the "Event Exhibitors" page under "Sponsors/Exhibitors" in the left navigation.
  • How do I order carpet, electricity, Internet, etc?
    • In the top navigation under "Exhibit/Sponsor", click on "Resources". Download the "Exhibitor Services Kit." For other questions regarding exhibitor services, please contact FREEMAN. Their contact information is provided in the Exhibitor Services Kit.
  • Where do I ship my booth materials?
    • In the top navigation under "Exhibit/Sponsor", click on "Recources". Download the "Exhibitor Services Kit." For other questions regarding exhibitor services, please contact FREEMAN. Their contact information is provided in the Exhibitor Services Kit.
  • How do I pay for my exhibit/sponsorship?
    • Please follow the payment instructions on your exhibitor contract. For payment confirmation or assistance, please contact
  • How do I get a receipt for exhibitor purchases, W-9, etc?
  • How do I register my event staff?
    • Your company exhibit contact should receive an email with company-specific registration codes and instructions on how to register. Click on the "Registration" button to the left, then on "Register Now". Follow all instructions. Questions? Contact
  • How many booth passes can I get?
    • Each exhibitor is allotted a limited number of complimentary booth passes. Please refer to your contract for the number of booth passes you will receive. Questions? Contact
  • Will I be able to break down my booth before the end of the event?
    • Due to the conference sessions being near the exhibit hall, we cannot allow exhibitors to break down early. This is a serious safety issue. We appreciate your understanding.
  • How can I let clients know that I will have a booth at the event?
    • In the top navigation under "Exhibit/Sponsor," click on "Resources". Marketing materials and contact information are provided on this page.
  • What are the due dates for exhibitor listings, sponsored ads and bag inserts?
    • In the top navigation under "Exhibit/Sponsor", click on "Resources" and view the Exhibitor Service Kit for more information.
  • How do I submit my Pocket Guide ad?
    • If you have purchased a Pocket Guide ad or your sponsorship includes one, please contact Melanie McTaggart at
  • What is the cancellation policy on exhibit space rental?
    • Cancellation of all or a portion of any exhibit space must be made in writing and addressed to Hart Energy. If Exhibitor cancels within 30 days of the date on the assigned agreement, but not within 60 days prior to the opening of the event, Exhibitor will receive a full refund. If Exhibitor cancels after the initial 30 days and before 60 days prior to the opening of the event, Exhibitor will be assessed a cancellation penalty equal to 50% of the total cost of cancelled exhibit space. If Exhibitor cancels within 60 days prior to the opening of the event, Exhibitor will be assessed a cancellation penalty equal to 100% of the total cost of cancelled exhibit space. If Exhibitor has an outstanding balance due at the time of cancelation, Exhibitor remains responsible for the entire balance due, plus reasonable attorney's fees to collect. Exhibitor will not be permitted to participate in future Hart Energy events until all outstanding balances are collected. Transferring exhibit space to another event is subject to the approval of show management. Transfer is not permitted within 60 days prior to opening of the event.


  • Who should I contact if I have questions about the speaker submission process?
  • Can I recommend someone else?
    • Yes, we take recommendations from industry professionals -- but the submission form must be completed by the proposed speaker.
  • Can technology or service providers present at Hart Energy conferences?
    • To maintain neutrality, speakers from the supplier community are rarely accepted for main agenda sessions, but we offer a limited number of special speaking times on our “DUG-Out Stage” in the exhibition hall at some of our conferences. Exceptions are made in cases of relevant case histories applicable to each specific conference. To learn more about these exceptions, contact
  • Can a technology or service provider accompany me onstage?
    • Case studies typically are delivered by end-users who may not share the stage with technology or service providers. End-users may discuss their requirements, selection criteria, product choices, and deployment experience with the audience.
  • Is there a deadline?
    • We take submissions any time but tend to make decisions 16 weeks prior to each event.
  • Are your sessions recorded?
    • Hart Energy conferences record video for archival and subscriber use, but not for distribution to conference attendees. Most speakers typically provide PowerPoint™ slides for distribution to full-conference attendees after each event. Roundtables excluded.
  • What is the format of the presentation?
    • PowerPoint™ is the preferred method of audiovisual presentation at the conference. Screen ratio is 16:9 format; resolution is 1280x720 pixels. Please note the audience will have difficulty seeing or reading presentations with any font size smaller than 12 pt.

      We prefer to receive your presentation 4-6 weeks prior to each event so we can ensure everything is in working order. For this reason, please ship by one of the following options:

      Email: If your presentation is under 20MB, it can be emailed prior to the due date to

      3rd Party Online Transfer: If your presentation is larger than 20MB, smaller than 2GB, send it by visiting then following the instructions.

      On-site Delivery: We respect and understand busy schedules. If you cannot submit by the advance deadline, we can accept your presentation on-site on a flash drive. We also encourage speakers to bring a copy of the final presentation on a flash drive as a failsafe. If you have any concerns about our presentation requirements, please call 713-260-6469 or email
  • Do you have guidelines for speakers?
    • We expect speakers to:

      Personally commit to presenting (as this is an individual opportunity)

      Avoid “pitching” products, services or books, or making funding requests

      Avoid promoting political agendas

      Present in a professional manner
  • Do we need to sign a Speaker Release form?
    • Following the conference, all full-conference attendees receive online access to the speaker presentations. We want to include your presentation. If you choose to allow our attendees to view your presentation in PDF format after the event, please sign and return the attached release form. If you do not want us to distribute your presentation, please let us know and we will respect your wishes.
  • What is the recommended length of stay for conference speakers?
    • Each speaker is invited to a Speaker Dinner before the start of the conference. Speakers receive a complimentary registration to the conference by the Hart Energy team, additionally, we invite you to bring one guest and their registration also will be complimentary. Speakers receive registration codes redeemable for 50% credit toward full-conference passes for up to three others in their company. We welcome speakers to stay for the duration of the conference and take advantage of networking with our attendees and exhibitors. If the speaker cannot attend the entire conference, we do recommend to arrive the day prior to their session.
  • Will there be a Q&A session?
    • Q&A sessions typically are conducted in a space adjacent to or nearby the conference session room. A Hart Energy staff member will escort you from the stage to Q&A area. If Q&A is conducted in the session room, Hart staff will deliver written questions from the audience to the session moderator.
  • What is the dress code for speakers?
    • Speakers should dress professionally to represent their organization and culture. Professional business attire is always welcome. “Business casual” dress is acceptable; a jacket is preferred. Please consider the audience you are addressing when making your final wardrobe decision. Dress code for conference attendees is “business casual.”
  • What other materials will I be asked to provide?
    • Upon your acceptance, our speaker management team will be in touch to acquire your biography, hi-resolution photo portrait, complete contact information and the Speaker Release form. This information is critical for promoting your session on our agenda and in marketing materials. Additional details about the scope and content of your presentation will aid this process.