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Oil and Gas Investor This Week

Get the latest oil and gas business news every Monday for insight that pays.


Updates every Tuesday on exploration, drilling, production and offshore.

A&D Watch

Your Wednesday A&D Watch will include the latest deals and analysis.

Gas & Midstream Weekly

Get deep research and intelligence of hydrocarbons, storage and transportation.

Shale Weekly

Stay plugged into each play on Thursday with regional shale reporting.

Carbon Management

Monthly series of the latest carbon management trends.

Energy ESG

Bi-weekly series of executive interviews on how you can achieve success in ESG.


America's Natural Gas Conference

Stay informed on NatGas developments and network with key industry players; stay updated on the fastest growing segment of the energy industry at this inaugural event.

A&D Strategies & Opportunities

Named "Best A&D Event in the Industry," this must-attend forum shares trends and developments in the A&D marketplace. Dallas, TX

Carbon & ESG Strategies

The conference highlights carbon capture, storage projects, and more.

Carbon Management Conference

Gain insights into the latest carbon management trends and best practices from expert analysts

Clean Energy Technology

Transformative technologies, the companies behind them, and their strategies to overcome below-ground and above-ground challenges

Cybersecurity in Energy

Focus on how to identify and access security, build a security team, and how to find vulnerabilities within your current system. Also, what they can do to thrive as demand grows, what new technologies are required and how to educate the workforce to work in a cyber-smart way.

DUG Bakken and Rockies

Participate in discussions on the current stamina of the industry and what's next for producers in the Rockies and Northern Great Plains. Denver, CO

DUG Eagle Ford

The largest unconventional event in the world to share insights and experiences in the burgeoning Eagle Ford play. Fort Worth, TX

DUG Appalachia

Hear from the most active operators about resources and opportunities in the Marcellus and Utica shales and Appalachian Basin plays. Pittsburgh, PA

DUG Haynesville

Attend in-depth sessions and unique Q&As lead by the most active producers on the Gulf Coast. Shreveport, LA

DUG Midcontinent

Focus on unconventional resource development in the Anadarko Basin, north of Texas, east of the Rockies, and west of the Mississippi. Oklahoma City, OK

DUG Permian Basin

The #1 gathering place for BD executives, A&D professionals and dealmakers in the Permian Basin. Fort Worth, TX

Energy Capital Conference

Industry leaders, business development professionals and financial experts gather to discuss best practices on how to acquire and exploit assets. Dallas, TX

Energy Infrastructure & Technology

Focus on how midstream companies can make the most of their energy infrastructure to supply energy to global markets. Also, what they can do to thrive as demand grows, what new technologies are required and how the transition to renewable energy is putting downward pressure on the country’s existing infrastructure.

Energy Transition Capital Conference

Developing diverse energy resources for the future requires industry leaders and significant investment. Gain insights into energy transition funding at the Energy Transition Capital Conference.

Energy ESG Conference

Discuss the future of Environment Social Governance in oil and gas at this one-day conference. Houston, TX

Executive Oil Conference

Join hundreds of producers, investors, technology providers, and analysts to discuss the future benefits from Permian Basin activity. Midland, TX

Impactful Veterans in Energy Luncheon

Join this annual luncheon to honor industry veterans' continued service in civilian life. Houston, TX

Influential Women in Energy

Highlighting the achievements, contributions and success stories of women in the energy industry is the cornerstone of Hart Energy’s annual Influential Women in Energy Awards.

Marcellus-Utica Midstream

Discover the latest pipeline, gathering, processing and storage projects in the Appalachian Basin. Pittsburgh, PA


Gain market intelligence from the prolific Permian to the burgeoning Gulf Coast as experts address challenges and opportunities in midstream. Fort Worth, TX

Super DUG

Join Hart Energy and gather insights into four of America’s most prolific shale plays this coming May. Attendees will listen and participate in discussions on Permian Basin, Eagle Ford, Midcontinent, and Bakken shale activity.


Marketing and exhibiting opportunities for your company at Hart Energy conference and exhibition venues.

Virtual/General Conferences

Stay in the know on all things conferences, including our virtual event series.

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Advertising and marketing opportunities on upcoming Hart Energy print and online media.

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Service information regarding your company sponsored site license.

Hart Energy Store

Exclusive offers to shop oil and gas directories, maps, playbooks and techbooks.

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Exclusive offers for various Hart Energy products.

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Exclusive offers to Oil and Gas Investor magazine.


Premier source for pipeline network information, including custom mapping and GIS database services.

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Events and exclusives from Hart Energy preferred partners made available only to subscribers.


Presentations on emerging plays, digital oilfield, biofuels feedstocks, reformulated fuels, and more.

White Papers

In-depth features on energy-industry topics from the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors.

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