Hart Energy Webinars: Solving the Geo-data Management Challenge for Offshore Wind Development

Join this webinar on October 5 at 11:00 AM CDT to learn how global Geo-data specialist Fugro is helping advance offshore wind projects with the life-cycle solution for Geo-data management, Gaia.Hub.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022 Presented by Fugro, Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, & AWS

Hart Energy Webinars: Exception Based Production Surveillance at Scale

Join this webinar on October 13, 2022 at 11:00 AM CDT as members of the Seeq, AWS and Marathon Oil teams answer questions related to deployment, architecture, and additional use cases for the energy sector.

Thursday, October 13, 2022 Presented by Marathon Oil, Seeq, & AWS

Hart Energy Webinars: Transform Waterflood Management Practices Using Physics-Informed Spatio-Temporal Graph Neural Network

Join this webinar on October 19, 2022 at 11:00 AM CDT as we’ll take an in-depth look at how an AI-driven, cloud-native waterflood management technology optimally blends physics-based and data-driven approaches for fast and reliable subsurface modeling.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022 Presented by AWS & QRI
Past Webinars

Hart Energy Webinars: Leveraging Low Code Software for the New Energy Age

In this webinar, EnergySys, AWS, and Ancala discuss the challenges and trends operators face in today’s energy industry, what to expect in the future and how to prepare for it.

August 17, 2022 Presented by AWS, EnergySys, & Ancala

Hart Energy Webinars: The Next Generation Data Historian

Experts from AWS and AspenTech discuss how the next generation data historian is evolving from data storage to industrial data management platform as manufacturers now require more data integration, archiving, asset modeling, visualization, and analysis capabilities.

August 3, 2022 Presented by AWS & AspenTech

Hart Energy Webinars: Artificial Lift + Artificial Intelligence Drive Positive Business and Environmental Outcomes for CNX Resources

In this webinar, CNX Resources, AWS Energy, and Ambyint discussed how artificial lift technologies leveraging Artificial Intelligence can increase production while also decreasing GHG emissions.

June 14, 2022 Presented by AWS, Ambyint, & CNX

Hart Energy Webinars: The Future of Oil & Gas - Leveraging AI from Exploration & Production to Downstream & Retail

In this webinar, SparkCognition, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) software solutions, will discuss how AI technologies improve operations and unlock previously unavailable value in the oil and gas industry from exploration and production to downstream and retail. 

May 31, 2022 Presented by SparkCognition

Hart Energy Webinars: The New Direct-Drive Turbine Technology That’s Changing the Face of Frac

Join Catalyst Energy Services CEO Bobby Chapman and COO Seth Moore – long-time veterans in the oil and gas industry – to hear about what makes this turbine technology successful among those that have tried before.

May 11, 2022 Presented by Catalyst

Webinar: Why BKV Chose AWS & Cloudwick for its Energy Data Lake

To achieve optimal operations and business performance BKV partnered with AWS and Cloudwick to break its operations, engineering and business data, system and analytic silos across the organization.

December 8, 2021

Webinar: Establishing Expectations & Requirements for Performance Digital Twins

The Need for Performance Twins: Predict, Diagnose and Forecast.

November 17, 2021

Webinar: Digital Transformation and the OSDU™ Data Platform: Why You Can’t Afford to Wait

A recent McKinsey report estimates that 20–30% of personnel time is lost due to looking for data.

November 3, 2021

Webinar: Transforming Energy Brownfield to Smart-field in Weeks

As Energy enterprises continue to accelerate their digitalization and sustainability initiatives, join us at the Transforming Energy Brownfield to Smart-field in Weeks webinar to discover how latest technology advances are driving sustainability and profit.

October 28, 2021

Oilfield Digital Transformation Success: How ChampionX’s Commitment to Excellence is Changing Oilfield Services for Good

For most oil & gas businesses, success with digital transformation has been fleeting. In fact, McKinsey recently surveyed industrial enterprise leaders, and found that over 70% of digital transformation projects fail to get past pilot stage.

September 29, 2021