How E&Ps are Increasing Efficiency by Better Balancing Compliance, Competency, and Cash

11:00 AM CST
Duration: 60 minutes

Regulatory compliance, workforce competence, and cash flow are dominating factors in an organization’s ability to operate efficiently and resiliently. As the energy sector evolves, balancing compliance, competence, and cash will be critical to mitigating risks, meeting stakeholder requirements, and maintaining a competitive edge.

Join Yinson Holdings Berhad and Kahuna Workforce Solutions as they dive into real-world examples of the strategies, insights, and technology energy organizations across the value chain are implementing to balance the three C’s and achieve operational excellence.

Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of:

  • The interconnectivity of compliance, competency, and cash in daily operations, and how to strike the right balance when business priorities compete.
  • Programs and technology energy organizations are implementing to capture, measure, and analyze workforce competency data.
  • The transformative role competency data plays in strategic decision-making for employees, managers, and executives.
  • How capturing skills and competency data leads to greater efficiencies in training, knowledge and employee retention, and work processes to enable more effective operations, increased revenue, and positive customer and stakeholder sentiment.


Paal Ødegaard, Head of Crewing, Yinson Holdings Berhad

  • Paal K. Ødegaard is an experienced manager who achieves organizational goals through teamwork and good communication. He is an ambassador of change and continuous improvement and enjoys working with organizations finding ways to develop and work more efficiently. Paal works with both operational and strategic HR and in his current role, focuses on offshore personnel leading a global crewing organization through a high growth phase. With two decades of Oil and Gas industry experience, Paal has expertise working internationally with both onshore and offshore personnel categories. He has developed a deep respect and understanding of the complexity and variation of the energy industry and the people living and working in it.

Francis Xavier Barciak, Customer Success Manager, Kahuna Workforce Solutions

  • Francis Xavier Barciak is a seasoned professional in Customer Success at Kahuna Workforce Solutions. Joining the company in 2022 as a Customer Success Manager, he manages a portfolio of clients within the Energy and Healthcare verticals. With a background in team leadership, product management, and consulting, Francis contributes significantly to the success of his clients and Kahuna overall. His focus includes establishing impactful mentoring partnerships, providing strategic guidance, and allocating resources for optimal client success.

This webinar is hosted in partnership with Kahuna Workforce Solutions.

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