Another Louisiana court ruled for Williams Cos. (WMB) in its ongoing legal battle with Energy Transfer (ETP) over pipeline crossings for Williams’ Louisiana Energy Gateway Project (LEG).  

The 42nd Judicial District Court found that ETP had no legal basis to block William’s proposed crossings in DeSoto and Sabine parishes. Williams distributed copies of the ruling on July 3.

Energy Transfer had opposed the crossings for safety reasons. Williams argued ETP was using the courts to interfere with the LEG project.

The decision against ETP was similar to a ruling in early June, when a court in Beauregard Parish found for Williams over LEG pipeline crossings. According to Williams, the companies have one Louisiana court date left, this time concerning 12 crossings in Vernon Parish.

“With each favorable ruling, Energy Transfer’s anti-competitive behavior is being brought to light and rejected by the courts. This is another positive step in advancing the critical energy infrastructure needed to meet Louisiana’s, and the nation’s, demand for affordable and reliable energy,” Laura Creekmur, Williams’ vice president for communications and corporate social responsibility, said in an e-mail.

Energy Transfer did immediately respond to a request for comment.

In April, Energy Transfer also filed a claim with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission asking that the commission find that Williams’ LEG crossing between Louisiana and Texas should be classified as a “transport” instead of a “gathering” pipeline. Such a determination would put the matter under federal jurisdiction. The FERC has not yet ruled on the claim.