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Qube Technologies


Qube is a Calgary, Alberta-based start-up developing a low-cost environmental surveillance technology. The company’s mission is to help primary industries, such as oil and gas, cost-effectively detect, quantify, and reduce methane and other emissions. Qube works with leading operators across North America and has support from a wide range of investors and government bodies. Please visit for more information.

Editor's note: Updated April 5, 2022.

Headquarters Address

632 Confluence Way SE
Calgary AB T2G 0G1



Permian Basin Operator Chooses Qube for Continuous Emissions Monitoring Project

Qube Technologies is Birch Resources' preferred continuous monitoring technology vendor and will deploy its devices to Birch's horizontal well facilities in the Permian Basin.

ARC Resources Deploys Qube's Continuous Monitoring Technology in Canada

"Data collected through Qube’s sensor system provides Arc Resources with a real-time view of air quality around our sites, which enables a quick response," ARC Resources' Stephanie Neilson said in a press release announcing the deployment of Qube Technologies' continuous monitoring systems.

Why Continuous Methane Monitoring is Critical for Energy Companies

Digital technology advances are creating new opportunities for continuous monitoring. The technology is also helping oil and gas companies find issues related to vented emissions, as a Houston-based operator recently discovered.

ConocoPhillips to Pilot Continuous Emissions Monitoring Tech Across Multiple US Basins

ConocoPhillips will implement Qube Technologies' continuous monitoring technology to detect harmful emissions in their continental operations.


IndustryVoice: Navigating the Stages of Technology Adoption in Emissions Management

Explore the emotional and operational journey of adopting Continuous Monitoring (CM) technology in emissions management through seven stages: Shock, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Testing, and Acceptance. This article outlines the progression from initial skepticism to recognizing CM technology as a key facilitator for effective and efficient emissions management.