February 2020 E&P magazine

E&P Magazine - February 2020

The February issue of E&P focuses on drilling innovations. Other features cover rock physics, drilling fluids, perforating systems, flow assurance and deepwater intervention. This issue also includes a special report on ADIPEC 2019.

As I See It

From E&P Executive Editor: Drilling For Heat

The combination of new drilling technologies and expertise could lead to unlocking a clean energy resource below our feet.

Cover Story

Drilling Innovations: Hardware Evolution Moving Rigs Toward Automation Revelation

Coupled with software enhancements and machine learning, manned rigs of today are morphing into autonomous units of tomorrow.

Drilling Innovations: Software Driving Hardware To New Levels Of Efficiency

The transformation toward automation is advancing in the U.S. land drilling environment.

Innovation Grows Exponentially For Downhole Drilling Tools

The latest in rotary steerable systems, drillbits, expandable liners, LWD and unconventional logging tools is cutting costs and providing valuable downhole data to operators.

Multilaterals Provide An Unconventional Approach To Shale Reservoirs

A pilot project in a major shale play represents one of the first attempts to measure how multilateral wells could deliver cost efficiencies in unconventional fields.

Industry Pulse

E&P Industry Pulse: Emergence Of Carbon Capture Technologies

Global and domestic initiatives facilitate emissions capture for storage and reuse in energy development.

Completions and Production

E&P Completions & Production: Flare No More?

A pilot project will convert stranded methane gas flared from oilfield wells into hydrogen for use as a clean fuel source.

Offshore Advances

E&P Offshore Advances: Managing Guyana’s Path To Prosperity

Proper governance and management are critical as poverty-stricken Guyana faces a potential financial windfall despite the more than a dozen oil discoveries offshore in the massive Strabroek Block.

Special Report

Special Report: Embracing New Technologies Crucial To E&P Industry’s Progress

Digitalization, sustainability and strategic partnerships for E&Ps were at the epicenter of discussions at ADIPEC 2019.


Challenges In The Seismic Reservoir Characterization Of The Delaware Basin

A statistical approach helps address uncertainty in the estimation of shale volume, water saturation and porosity from well log data.

Deepwater Intervention: Smarter, Faster Well Surveillance Lights The Way Ahead

A new well surveillance system combines distributed fiber sensing with single-point electronic and optical gauge sensing.

E&P Completions: Fine-tuning Perforations In Refractures

As production on unconventional wells declines, oil and gas operators are looking to revitalize assets through refracturing techniques rather than drill new wells.

E&P Technology: Flow Assurance In The Digital Laboratory

Using high-throughput experimentation develops effective pour point depressant technologies.

Enhancing High-Temperature E&P Drilling Capabilities

A new stable water-based drilling fluid provides thermal stability to maintain rheology and fluid loss control in high-temperature wells.

Tech Watch

Optimizing Every Drop From Unconventional Shale Formations

A new suite of applications safely cuts costs and time while minimizing environmental risk in unconventional reservoirs.

On The Move

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, appointments and promotions as well as new company office and facility openings. 

Last Word

E&P Last Word: Dynamic Edge Intelligence

Edge computing and the IIoT will define the next wave of digital transformation for the oil and gas industry.