E&P Magazine July 2020

E&P Magazine - July 2020

In this month's cover story, exclusive interviews with Schlumberger, Cognite, Aker BP, Acoustic Data, Framo, EY and Honeywell Process Solutions provide insights into how remote operations are being put to the test. 

The World View centers on US service firms eyeing Middle East markets amid a bleak shale outlook.

This month's features cover shale insights, downhole tools, full-field development and offshore wind. 

In addition, this issue features the annual Shale Technology Showcase, in which E&P highlights the latest technologies from more than 30 companies, showcasing how these tools are used for developing shale resources and how companies will benefit from the application of these advanced tools on their operations.

The regional report highlights Africa. With the pandemic painting a gloomy future for the African oil and gas sector, FIDs on some major E&P projects have been delayed and several new licensing rounds have been canceled or postponed.

As I See It

From E&P Executive Editor: What Now?

The oil and gas industry must rely on itself while also remaining open to expertise from outside sources to get back to doing what it was built for—providing affordable and reliable sources of energy.

Cover Story

E&P Cover Story: Accelerating Remote Operations

Oil and gas industry adopts technologies to ensure worker safety.

Executive Q&A

E&P Executive Q&A: NexTier Oilfield Solutions CEO’s Take on OFS Sector Recovery

NexTier Oilfield Solutions CEO Robert Drummond shares his outlook for the oilfield services sector’s recovery on the other side of this downturn.

World View

E&P World View: US Service Firms Eye Middle East Markets amid Bleak Shale Outlook

Major oilfield service companies agree that the Middle Eastern region will be less severely impacted by the downturn compared to other regions.

Industry Pulse

E&P Industry Pulse: Diversity is More than Buzzwords and Metrics

Does a company’s diversity and inclusion program hit the numbers but miss the point?

E&P Industry Pulse: Save R&D Budgets and Concentrate More on External Technologies

Many technologies developed for applications in other industries also have compelling uses in the oil and gas industry.

Completions and Production

Completions & Production: Smart Tracers Sharpen E&P Industry’s Focus on Flow Mapping

By using a new, uniquely fingerprinted form of nanoparticles, E&P operators can more efficiently determine the best producing stages from the nonproducing ones in an unconventional well.

Offshore Advances

Offshore Advances: Gulf of Mexico Bends, But Won’t Break

Although greenfield projects have been put on hold, short-term economics offer a safety net for the U.S. offshore oil and gas industry.

Special Report

2020 Shale Technology Showcase

In this special section, E&P highlights the latest technologies from more than 30 companies, showcasing how these tools are used for developing shale resources and how companies will benefit from the application of these advanced tools on their operations.

Digital Solutions

E&P Digital Solutions: Blockchain Smart Contracts Can Address Industry Pain

Emerging technology helps increase visibility in transactional relationships for the oil and gas industry.

Shale Solutions

E&P Shale Solutions: Back to the Basics in Determining Well Spacing

Reservoir characterization through production history matching can lead to significant increases in economic return.

Offshore Solutions

E&P Offshore Solutions: Closer Supplier Relationships can Improve Corrosion Monitoring

Solutions are enhanced by preventive maintenance, data evaluation and reporting.

E&P Offshore Solutions: Decommissioning—The Time for Action is Now

Decommissioning is an important part of securing a long-term future for the whole of the energy industry.

Operator Solutions

E&P Operator Solutions: Age of Logistics as a Service

Now is the time to fundamentally change the way the oil and gas industry operates through a greater focus on digital collaboration across the entire supply chain.

E&P Operator Solutions: Ensuring Enterprise-wide E&P Scheduling Efficiency

Digital well scheduling software helps oil and gas companies maximize returns on assets.

E&P Operator Solutions: Improving Spending Transparency to Lower Costs, Unplanned Downtime

A new technology provides big gains in helping firms efficiently manage MRO spend and maintain asset bases.


E&P Drilling: Gyroscopic Surveying Improves Wellbore Placement in Latin America

Ensuring a well’s trajectory makes high-accuracy wellbore surveying one of the most critical aspects of operational and financial success.

E&P Drilling: Reducing Complexity in Drilling Environments

Drilling requirements drive a simpler, more reliable approach to rotary steerables.

E&P Exploration: Clarifying Seismic Distortion

Real-time method reduces low-frequency distortion in seismic vibrators.

E&P Exploration: New Pyrolysis Method Offers an Accurate Alternative for Evaluating Unconventional Oil Resources

A novel and efficient method overcomes limitations for evaluating bitumen-rich source rocks.

E&P Exploration: Stage-level Offset-pressure Data Offer Greater Shale Insight

An analysis of FHL and the resulting SRV finds a significant gap between the expected SRV and the fracture treatment’s actual stimulated volume.

E&P Offshore: A New Wind Blows

Offshore wind must be digitalized at the outset to reach full potential as popularity grows.

E&P Offshore: Addressing the Challenge of Exporting Power from Deepwater Windfarms

The application of oil and gas know-how to dynamic power cables is transmitting success to deepwater windfarms.

E&P Offshore: Fixed or Floating Foundations—Which Brings Value for Money in Deeper Water?

An analysis reveals the tipping point between commercial viability of fixed and floating foundations could be at a greater water depth than previously expected.

E&P Production: Promise of Tankless Operations

Data from a tankless operations pilot project show improvements in cost efficiencies, environmental compliance and more. 

Regional Report

E&P Regional Report: Pandemic Paints a Gloomy Future for African Oil and Gas Sector

FIDs on some major E&P projects have been delayed and several new licensing rounds have been canceled or postponed.

Tech Watch

E&P Tech Watch: Bringing the Seabed to the Design Desk

A simulation system provides design engineers with a realistic insight into what an ROV can and cannot do to improve the design of subsea systems.

Tech Trends

E&P Tech Trends: Reducing Idle Rig Time; Enhanced Swellable Sealing; More

Check out the latest products and services for the upstream oil and gas industry including a new wellhead system that allows an offshore rig to stay on location in severe weather conditions, saving idle rig time costs.

Activity Highlights

E&P: July 2020 International Drilling Activity Highlights

Check out the latest oil and gas drilling activity highlights from around the world featured in the July issue of E&P including two significant oil discoveries offshore Mexico and Chesapeake Energy Marcellus Shale completions in Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna County.

On The Move

E&P: On the Move

Check out the latest new hires, appointments and promotions as well as new company office and facility openings.

Last Word

E&P Last Word: DUCs and Shut-ins—Cost Savings Today, Low Performance Tomorrow?

A study looks at the impact of DUCs and shut-in wells on future rates of oil and gas production.