Hart Energy E&P Plus magazine January 2021 issue

E&P Plus - January 2021

In this month's cover story, E&P Plus uncovers what to expect in hydraulic fracturing trends this year and into the future, including the role of electric frac fleets, the emergence of simul-fracs and the state of the fully automated frac job. 

The Executive Q&A video features the new Weatherford CEO, and the Company Spotlight Q&A article is with the ChampionX CEO. 

In a special report coordinated in partnership with Enverus, an in-depth analysis shows what went right and what didn’t in 2020 and the game changers for 2021. 

Analysts from the U.S., Europe and the Middle East joined Hart Energy to discuss the 2021 oil and gas market outlook in an exclusive video roundtable.

In addition, the 2021 Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Showcase features new products and services from nearly 40 companies. 

Cover Story

E&P Plus Cover Story: Charting a New Course

Frac innovations accelerate financial and environmental sustainability efforts for the North American shale industry.

By the Numbers

E&P Plus By the Numbers: US Shale

This infographic showcases the highs and lows of U.S. shale statistics.

Executive Q&A

E&P Plus Executive Q&A: New Weatherford CEO Shares His Plans for 2021

Girish Saligram, who was named CEO of Weatherford in September 2020, talks energy transition and developing mature fields.

Industry Pulse

E&P Plus Industry Pulse: Routes to Reduce Emissions from Oil and Gas Production

The quicker that governments incentivize the oil and gas industry to adopt technology, the earlier companies will take the technology down the cost-learning curve.

Analyst Corner

E&P Plus Analyst Corner: The Future of Work in Oil, Gas and Chemicals

With heightening employment cyclicality and layoffs challenging the industry’s reputation as a reliable employer, workforce and business transformation have become a strategic imperative.

Special Report

E&P Plus Special Report: US Shales Scorecard

An in-depth analysis shows what went right and what didn’t in 2020 and the game changer that could push each major North American shale basin into prosperity in 2021.

E&P Plus: 2021 Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Showcase

This special section highlights the latest hydraulic fracturing technologies and services from nearly 40 companies and how these tools aim to address operator challenges.

Digital Solutions

E&P Plus Digital Solutions: AI-powered Gas Leak Detection Technology Improves Workplace Safety

The new AI module provides pattern-finding automation for gas leak detection.


E&P Plus Company Spotlight: ChampionX CEO Talks R&D, Digitalization, Energy Transition

Soma Somasundaram, president and CEO of ChampionX, shares details about how the company battled through 2020, its ESG efforts, digital technologies and current R&D projects.

E&P Plus Completions: New Plug Designs Lower Costs

To create a more efficient cleanout operation—not eliminate cleanouts altogether—a dissolvable plug must be economical.

E&P Plus Drilling Automation: The Future of Remote Operations with Managed Pressure Drilling

Focusing on automation can remove operators from controlling the system.

E&P Plus Drilling Automation: Transforming Well Construction with Autonomous Directional Drilling

The well construction domain needs to transform and can do so by leveraging intelligent and autonomous systems.

E&P Plus Industry Perspective: What Can the US Learn from Europe in Global Energy Transition?

Europe and the U.S. are often referred to as the Old World and the New World, respectively. In the case of the energy transition, the New World stands to learn from the Old, which took the plunge a bit earlier in the game.

E&P Plus Mature Fields: When Poor Integrity Leads to Blowout

A case study reviews well integrity in ageing assets and the remediation efforts required in the aftermath of a land-based well blowout in the Middle East.

E&P Plus Offshore Well Control: MWCC CEO Discusses Emergency Response Readiness

The Marine Well Containment Co. recently added a 20,000-psi capping stack and subsea coolers to its portfolio to help contain compromised deepwater wells in the Gulf of Mexico.

E&P Plus Process & Interpretation: Providing Crucial Data Visibility

New software integrates engineering planning with geoscience data for optimal well path designs.

Regional Report

E&P Plus Regional Report: Midland Basin—Many Opportunities Remain

The Midland Basin, located within the eastern region of the Permian Basin, has seen a steady amount of new E&P activity since 2011.

Tech Trends

E&P Plus Tech Trends: New Low-carbon Technologies

Despite the challenges brought on by COVID-19, oil and gas companies are investing in low-carbon technologies, in line with the broader energy transition taking place across the industry.

Activity Highlights

E&P Plus: January 2021 International Drilling Activity Highlights

Check out the latest oil and gas drilling activity highlights from around the world including a new gas condensate find in the Norwegian Sea by ConocoPhillips plus Equinor’s latest oil discoveries offshore Newfoundland, Canada.

E&P Plus: January 2021 US Drilling Activity Highlights

Check out the latest oil and gas drilling activity highlights across the U.S. including a Marcellus discovery announced by Chesapeake Energy in Pennsylvania’s Bradford County plus the two strongest Haynesville Shale wells drilled to date in North Louisiana.

Last Word

E&P Plus Last Word: Why OFS Sector Outlook Is Down But Not Out

OFS companies will need to preserve capital and ride out the storm before they can expect to see an uptick in activity