U.S. oil and gas companies are seeking new technologies to address an old problem: gas leaks. Many organizations have long relied on fixed hardware or manual assessments to monitor leaks. Naturally, the occurrence of a major leak requires immediate response, but detecting the source of a leak from the beginning can ensure a quick and safe correction or evacuation.

Blackline Vision, the data science team of Blackline Safety, is developing its AI Gas Leak Detection module, which resolves this issue by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the process while providing situational awareness and connectivity. The module provides advance alerts of gas leaks by identifying patterns in low-level gas readings streamed to the Blackline Safety Cloud from G7 wearable gas monitors.

“The module’s algorithm automatically gathers a lot of data from all of the different devices and indicates where a leak or process fault is happening,” said Lohrasp Seify, lead of Blackline Vision. “This advance notice of a gas leak helps minimize unexpected future downtime while keeping workers safe.”

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