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This special section highlights the latest hydraulic fracturing technologies and services from nearly 40 companies and how these tools aim to address operator challenges.

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2021 Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Showcase 

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Discover innovations for the next fracturing revolution

Profound scientific knowledge has catalyzed advancements in intelligent systems and applications for hydraulic fracturing. Industry professionals leading these innovations will present their findings Feb. 2-4 at the 2021 SPE Virtual Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference and Exhibition. The conference features a diverse portfolio of next-generation technologies, sustainable developments and best practices.

Fracture diagnostics sessions at this event will include a novel method and its application to define a maximum horizontal stress and stress path. Among other demonstrations are field applications of sealed wellbore pressure monitoring to evaluate completion effectiveness.

Through a focus on completion optimization, attendees will learn first-hand of a multidisciplinary approach for well spacing and treatment design using lateral pore pressure estimation and depletion modeling. Furthermore, multiple DFIT-FBA tests performed on a well pad at multiple points in a well for advanced treatment stage design and reservoir characterization will be explained.

With Argentina’s Vaca Muerta Formation seeing significant developmental breakthroughs, presentations will highlight early applications of miscodifying friction reducers for fracturing operations in addition to well spacing and simulation design optimization in the region.

—Society of Petroleum Engineers