E&P Magazine

E&P Magazine - February 2020

Drilling Innovations: Hardware Evolution Moving Rigs Toward Automation Revelation

Coupled with software enhancements and machine learning, manned rigs of today are morphing into autonomous units of tomorrow.

E&P Magazine - January 2020

A Comparison Of Proppant Crush Strengths

Permian Basin production rates are compared for Northern white and in-basin proppant types.

E&P Magazine - November 2019

Digital Transformation: In Progress

The oil and gas industry’s efforts to reinvent itself in a digital world are underway.

E&P Magazine - September 2019

Alternative Gas-lift Design For Unconventional Wells

Make more fluid with less gas.

E&P Magazine - August 2019

Canadian Technologies Take On Offshore Challenges

Industry, government and academia team up to deliver innovative solutions.

E&P Magazine - July 2019

Keys To Reducing The Cost Of Treating Produced And Flowback Water

Efficiencies and cost reductions make water treatment and use of produced water more accepted.

E&P Magazine - June 2019

Progression Of Completions

The evolution of designs hastens the U.S. shale boom.

E&P Magazine - April 2019

Shifting Sands: Market Disruptions Deliver Savings In Permian

In pursuit of the lowest cost and most efficient option, there’s been a shift away from Northern white sand from mines in northern states to regional, or in-basin, sand from mines closer to home.