E&P Magazine

E&P Magazine - January 2018

Blowing The Permian Curve

Optimized completion design outperforms type curve in the Delaware Basin and delivers improvement in operational efficiency.

E&P Magazine - December 2017

Best of 2017: Completions And Production Companies, Systems Garnering Attention

Companies and systems were honored for their contributions to the industry and the environment.

E&P Magazine - November 2017

Coupling Reduces Tubing Wear

A new alloy used in rod coupling leads to cost savings through reduced tubing wear.

E&P Magazine - October 2017

Between The Cracks

New technologies unlock tight rock’s prize.

E&P Magazine - September 2017

Autonomous Vehicles Benefit From 3-D Seismic Arrays

Frontiers are being expanded for offshore seismic acquisition.

E&P Magazine - August 2017

Enhancing Offshore Oil Recovery

Despite challenging economics, offshore EOR offers substantial returns.

E&P Magazine - July 2017

A New Era For Refracturing

Effective diverter technologies and high-frequency surveillance deliver successful campaign in the Eagle Ford Shale.

E&P Magazine - JUNE 2017

Big Byte

The oil and gas industry harnesses the power of data analytics today to build better wells for tomorrow.

E&P Magazine - MAY 2017

Expanding Hole Enlargement To Deeper Reservoirs

New reamer enlarges boreholes in deep reservoirs ahead of larger outer-diameter casing installations.

E&P Magazine - April 2017

Can Technology Save The UK Sector?

Marginal fields and ‘small pools’ will play a role in the sector’s future.

E&P Magazine - March 2017

Automating Complex Tasks In Unforgiving Environments

As downhole conditions continue to become more difficult and well profiles more complex, some contractors and operators are introducing systems that aim to move the drill floor from mechanization to automation.

E&P Magazine - February 2017

Better Together: Industry Collaboration Lifts Innovation Higher

Careful preparation and collaboration deliver Gulf of Mexico installation win for Hess and Heerema Marine Contractors.