E&P Magazine

E&P Magazine - March 2018

Drilling Rigs And Cognitive Security

Overcoming resistance to AI can help implement better cybersecurity.

E&P Magazine - February 2018

Back To Basics On Seabed Surveys

Before deploying subsea development strategies, operators need to know where their equipment is going.

E&P Magazine - January 2018

Blowing The Permian Curve

Optimized completion design outperforms type curve in the Delaware Basin and delivers improvement in operational efficiency.

E&P Magazine - December 2017

Best of 2017: Completions And Production Companies, Systems Garnering Attention

Companies and systems were honored for their contributions to the industry and the environment.

E&P Magazine - November 2017

Coupling Reduces Tubing Wear

A new alloy used in rod coupling leads to cost savings through reduced tubing wear.

E&P Magazine - October 2017

Between The Cracks

New technologies unlock tight rock’s prize.

E&P Magazine - September 2017

Autonomous Vehicles Benefit From 3-D Seismic Arrays

Frontiers are being expanded for offshore seismic acquisition.

E&P Magazine - August 2017

Enhancing Offshore Oil Recovery

Despite challenging economics, offshore EOR offers substantial returns.

E&P Magazine - July 2017

A New Era For Refracturing

Effective diverter technologies and high-frequency surveillance deliver successful campaign in the Eagle Ford Shale.

E&P Magazine - JUNE 2017

Big Byte

The oil and gas industry harnesses the power of data analytics today to build better wells for tomorrow.

E&P Magazine - MAY 2017

Expanding Hole Enlargement To Deeper Reservoirs

New reamer enlarges boreholes in deep reservoirs ahead of larger outer-diameter casing installations.

E&P Magazine - April 2017

Can Technology Save The UK Sector?

Marginal fields and ‘small pools’ will play a role in the sector’s future.