E&P Magazine - October 2018

Cover Story

Experts Discuss Challenges, Possibilities Of Geosciences Sector

Is geoscience losing its punch? Despite the amazing strides made in recent years, the value case is not an easy sell for service companies. Several noteworthy geoscientists discuss the challenges that still face this industry.

OBN Seismic Is A De-risking Game Changer

The latest marine seismic technology has explorers taking notice.

The Changing Face Of The Seismic Sector

Despite the downturn, there is room for new, flexible and fit-for-purpose contractors.

As I See It

One Billion Reasons

The endless potential of the Gulf of Mexico’s deepwater resources attracts a new player.

Industry Pulse

Generating Positive Energy Conversations

A nonprofit organization offers documentaries and educational outreach programs for the next generation.

World View

A Glimpse Into Oxy’s Artificial Lift Strategy

The Aventine facility and EOR asset acquisitions have begun to see returns.

Market Intelligence

Digital Low-hanging Fruit

The digital oil field is not a technology issue; it’s a business model issue.

Exploration Technologies

The Next Generation

A new crop of startups hopes to revive the seismic acquisition industry.

Drilling Technologies

Brand New Name Delivers 2030 Vision

An NOC announces plans to drill thousands of wells in the NCS in the coming decades.

Completions and Production

Future Of Tight Oil Development Costs

An analysis predicts costs to climb as core areas mature.

Special Report

SEG 2018 To Feature Troubleshooting Technologies

Companies at the SEG Annual Meeting will be exhibiting solutions to some of the most difficult challenges facing geophysicists.

Digital Solutions

Digital Transformation Strategies

Producers of all sizes can benefit from digitalization at the wellhead.

Digitalization Brings Benefits To Rig Inspection, Audits

Greater adoption and effective use of enhanced digitalization in the rig inspection and audit market are delivering benefits and reducing risk.

Shale Solutions

Complex Prescription

Surfactant and solvent chemical blend enhances reservoir production.

Optimizing Hydraulic Fracturing Biocides For System And Shale Compatibility

A cost-effective microbial control program can offset negative impacts on affected production.

Offshore Solutions

Aasta Hansteen On Fast Track

Digital technologies, including running a virtual startup, look set to save 40 days from the run-up to first gas processing on Equinor’s Aasta Hansteen development.

Operator Solutions

Continuous Steering Approach Reduces Tortuosity In Horizontal Wells

Efficiency and accuracy of directional drilling is improved with new proportional steering system.


A New Reality For Fracturing Fluids

Market forces mandate better evidence-based tools to drive decisions in oilfield services pumping operations.

Enabling Autonomous Downhole Operations

A new wireless downhole tool unlocks the potential for significant cost reductions.

Enhancing Tight And Unconventional Reservoir Productivity With Flowback Surfactants

A new additive helps lower surface and interfacial tension.

Getting The Most Out Of Mature Wells

Slimhole completion systems help to refracture existing wells and boost production.

Taking The Right Steps To Automation

There is an impact on data infrastructure when using real-time analytics.

Unconventional Report

Eaglebine Play Re-emerges

As operators continue to bring the Eagle Ford back to peak production, they refocus their attention to the north.

Tech Watch

Evaluating Cement Performance

A new cementing system enhances barrier integrity.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Check out the latest products and services for the upstream oil and gas industry.

International Highlights

International Highlights

Check out the latest activity highlights from around the world.

On The Move

On the Move

Check out the latest new hires, promotions and other company news.

Last Word

Impacting Operational Performance Through Customized Fluids

Embracing digitalization can help operators maintain a competitive advantage.