August E&P magazine

E&P Magazine - August 2019

In the August issue of E&P, the cover story focuses on deep water. Other features cover marine seismic, MPD/UBD, pressure pumping, artificial lift, water management and remote/unmanned well operations. The unconventional report focuses on the Middle East. In addition, this issue includes an artificial lift technology showcase. 

As I See It

Unpack Your Patience, Mr. President

Early offshore successes show the potential for Mexico’s oil and gas future.

Cover Story

Canadian Technologies Take On Offshore Challenges

Industry, government and academia team up to deliver innovative solutions.

Critical Decisions: Understanding Vessel Capabilities

Design constraints and specifications that are best suited to each individual project need to be jointly defined and implemented.

Deepwater Reinvention

New approaches bring offshore transformation.

Industry Pulse

Build An All-star Workforce With A Modern DCS

An information-enabled DCS can make oil and gas operators more effective by simplifying their jobs and offering useful insights.

Market Intelligence

The Consolidation Conundrum

Will consolidation help stimulation firms overcome chronic oversupply?

Drilling Technologies

New Tricks For An Old Giant

A discovery at Oseberg Vestflanken increases the field’s resource base while demonstrating importance of near-field exploration.

Completions and Production

Decisions Abound In Artificial Lift

Not all lift mechanisms are created equal.

Special Report

Artificial Lift Technology Showcase: Tools Lift Production Rates Higher

The well production life cycle depends on effective and reliable technologies.

Digital Solutions

Intelligent Visual Monitoring For Oil And Gas Operations

New technologies reduce operational costs and mitigate safety and environmental risks.

The Need For ‘Smart’ Maintenance

How technology can be applied within an overall maintenance strategy to help an operator achieve business objectives without compromising safety and security is extremely important.

Shale Solutions

In-basin Proppant-coating Service Adds New Efficiencies

Mobile service brings sand coating capacity to in-basin mines.


Being A Good Water Steward

One independent energy company’s approach to water stewardship is delivering positive returns.

Intelligent Fracturing Enhances Completion Performance

Pumping service helps reduce variability for the stimulation treatment.

Lowering Opex In Remote And Low-manned Oil And Gas Production

Proactive condition-based maintenance plus advanced energy storage solutions can save large costs and increase safety at sea or on land.

Maintaining Autonomous Energy Operations

The key to a smooth-running unmanned facility is a robust and intelligent maintenance strategy.

Mitigating A High-pressure Interval Through A Collaborative DwL Approach

The combination of drilling-with-liner with MPD was successful in drilling a hazardous section of a North Sea well.

MPD Reduces Rig Operating Days In The Bakken

A company increased drilling efficiency for long laterals using an integrated alternative drilling technique.

Optimizing ESP Operations

An ESP gauge helps eliminate monitoring system failures.

Reducing Opex With Dual Fuel Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Dual fuel operations deliver millions in saved diesel fuel costs.

Resolving Celtic Sea Seismic Anomalies

The application of a high-resolution multistage FWI and image-guided tomography workflow brings seismic anomalies into better focus.

Solving OBS Acquisition Efficiency Fragmentation

A new end-to-end technology suite addresses inefficiencies in large projects.

Striking A Water Balance

Water challenges and opportunities in the Marcellus Shale keep operators and service companies seeking solutions.

Thru-tubing Retrievable ESP, An Operator’s Driven Initiative

System makes it more economical to produce remote and offshore fields and lowers breakeven costs.

Unconventional Report

Can The Middle East Crack The Frac Code?

Middle Eastern countries are eyeing production from their unconventional reserves and planning a new future.

Tech Watch

Finding A Use For Flared Gas

System turns associated gas into electricity for data centers.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Check out the latest products and services released for the upstream oil and gas industry. 

Activity Highlights

International Highlights

Check out the latest activity highlights from around the world. 

On The Move

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, appointments and promotions as well as new company office and facility openings.

Last Word

AI Adoption Is Accelerating In The Energy Sector

Oil and gas companies must find ways to adopt promising technologies.