June E&P

E&P Magazine - June 2019

The cover story for the June issue of E&P focuses on completions. Other features cover reservoir characterization, drillpipe, proppant logistics, surface systems and ROVs/AUVs. This issue also includes a special section on perforating systems (an overview and a technology showcase). The unconventional report focuses on the Marcellus-Utica, and the regional report covers Southeast Asia.

As I See It

Surviving The New Oil Price Reality

Five years after the downturn in oil prices, new strategies emerged that enabled the oil and gas industry to succeed amid investor uncertainty.

Cover Story

Progression Of Completions

The evolution of designs hastens the U.S. shale boom.

World View

Attracting The Future Energy Workforce

ADNOC survey findings reveal that the oil and gas industry faces stiff competition in attracting young talent.

Industry Pulse

Revitalizing Recruitment, Retention And Reputation

The industry is under the microscope as it cautiously prepares for an upturn.

Market Intelligence

Watching Private E&P Companies

First-quarter 2019 earnings calls prove to be quite revealing.

Drilling Technologies

Disruption In The Pecking Order

The Shale Gale did more than set the global oil markets on their collective ear; it created an imbalance in the OFS segment.

Completions and Production

Plenty Of Room For Improvement In Recovery Rates

There’s lots of oil out there, but the industry needs to improve recovery rates to gain the full benefit.

Special Report

Higher Demand For Perforating Systems Strains Supply Chain

With increased drilling rig efficiency and longer laterals, the horizontal environment has changed the nature of the perforating business.

New Perforating Systems Save Time, Cost

Innovative technology designs are increasing efficiencies.

Digital Solutions

Overcoming The ‘FEAR’ Limiting The Digital Transformation

The oil and gas industry needs to shift its approach to the adoption and deployment of digital technologies.

Service Monitors Any Upstream Automation Application

Automation as a service boosts production, improves safety and increases operational efficiency.

Shale Solutions

Key Practices For Increasing Well Stimulation With PLA diverters

Production enhancements of up to 20% are achievable using PLA-diversion best practices.

Offshore Solutions

Quantum Shift In Pollution Modeling

Advances in air pollution modeling technology are making their way into industry regulatory requirements, and operators should have a working knowledge of the complexity and demands of these tools.

Ultrasonic Testing Rises To The Challenge

A new device combines two nondestructive testing methods into one for improved offshore platform rope access inspections.

Operator Solutions

A Bright New Era For HSE Management

Digitized systems help companies capture and better understand HSE incidents.


Advances In Perforation Damage, Cleanup And Inflow Performance

Improvements in laboratory testing are helping to better determine perforation damage.

Controlling Scale Deposition

Maximize production with radio frequency scale control.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency Of Surface Systems

A redesigned system meets the safety and operational needs of modern completion designs.

Extreme-torque Connection Drives A Step Change In Drillstring Design

A high-performance drillpipe can save on costs through its life cycle.

Live Demonstration Displays Merits Of Reservoir Software Data Standard

A pilot test of six reservoir software platforms using the RESQML standard improves data integration between platforms.

Logistics Management Optimizes Completion Efficiencies

Frac sand logistics evolve to address growing operational and economic objectives.

Revolutionizing Robotics

Technological advancements of AUVs and ROVs are making waves as the energy industry equips them to dive deeper.

Using Big Data To Deliver Insights Into Proppant Logistics

Program identifies the status of product and rail cars during the delivery process.

Unconventional Report

Standing Tall, Growing Higher

New pipelines in 2018 added much-needed takeaway capacity for the Appalachian Basin shale gas, ensuring continued growth in the region.

Regional Report

Righting The Ship In Southeast Asia

As IOCs exit the area, regional operators look to stem the tide of declining production.

Tech Watch

Improving Injected Water Conformance In Fractured Reservoirs

Rate limiting control devices optimize reservoir sweep.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Check out the latest products and services for the upstream oil and gas industry. 

Activity Highlights

International Highlights

Check out the latest E&P highlights from around the world. 

On The Move

On The Move: New Hires, Appointments, Promotions

The latest new hires, appointments and promotions as well as new company office and facility locations and major mergers and acquisitions. 

Last Word

The King Is Dead

Vive le ROI!