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E&P Magazine - February 2019

The rapid pace of technology development in the oil and gas industry ensures that all players in it are in constant pursuit of the next innovation that will deliver the next barrel and the next dollar safely and efficiently. For land drilling contractors, this chase is evident in the evolution of rig technologies.

As I See It

Brick By Brick

The world is rebuilding its energy system, but cracks in key pillars have emerged.

Cover Story

In-bit Logging Tool Helps Operators Optimize Drilling Programs

A post-run analysis of data collected in the drillbit during drilling leads to improved drilling in challenging applications.

Legacy Reborn: Upgrades Extend Rig’s Operational Capacity For Future Growth

The rapid pace of technology development in the oil and gas industry ensures that all players in it are in constant pursuit of the next innovation that will deliver the next barrel and the next dollar safely and efficiently.

Rig Reactivation Prompts Tackling The Rising Risk Of Dropped Objects

Dropped objects are one of the most frequent HSE safety incidents reported, and the changing oil and gas landscape threatens to increase the risk.

Executive Q&A

The Quest For The Ultimate Wellbore

A completions services provider emerges from the downturn better equipped to deliver on its mission.

World View

Keeping The Faith

One independent energy company sees capability and expertise as critical to fueling its onshore and offshore growth engines.

Industry Pulse

Clearing Hurdles, Checking Off Boxes In The Transfer Of Oil And Gas Assets

The devil is in the detail when it comes to ownership transfer of assets.

Drilling Technologies

Strong Year Ahead For The Gulf Of Mexico

A supermajor inks a contract for the fi rst drillship rated for 20,000-psi operations.

Completions and Production

No Signs Of Stopping In 2019

Operators push forward with ambitious plans despite price volatility.

Digital Solutions

Prioritizing Innovation

Overhauling processes and updating technologies can modernize oil and gas companies.

Shale Solutions

Controlling Solids On Multiwell Pads

Technologies are supporting shale well pad advances.

Operator Solutions

Hybrid Wellbore Cleanup Tool Achieves A Century Of Runs In Saudi Arabia

Tool performs isolated negative inflow tests on liner tops and casing shoes.

New Treatment Options For Well Restimulation

Huff-and-puff technology revives existing wells.


Alleviating Firing System Safety Risks And Costs

A fully assembled perforating gun system increases efficiency and safety.

Changing The Subsea Boosting Application Landscape

Multiphase pumps in use in Moho North Field are qualified for high-viscosity applications.

Comparing Records Can Reveal Aging Subsea Equipment Condition

Advances in technology, data science and operating experience have made inspecting the ‘uninspectable’ possible.

Ensuring Wellbore Connectivity Through Improved Perforations

In onshore and offshore applications, the latest systems advance safety, wellbore communication and restimulation efforts.

Innovation In Conveyance

A rigless intervention system works to optimize perforation operations.

Machine Learning For Better Wells

System enables data conditioning and direct access to curve data.

Unconventional Well Control

Shale wells offer unique challenges when it comes to maintaining well control.

Using The Drillbit As A Sensor

A new technology provides real-time information about a formation boundary at the point of transition.

Utilizing Downhole Camera And Video Inspection For Well Intervention

Technology ensures the rapid and efficient deployment of remediation systems.

Unconventional Report

Growth Continues In The Haynesville

The rise of LNG and gas exports and proximity to the Gulf Coast keep the Haynesville Shale play attractive.

Regional Report

New Year Signals New Potential In West Africa

Favorable economics could push forward planned projects as more come online.

Tech Watch

Optimizing Acid Diversion In Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

A successful wellbore stimulation program relies on proper fluid placement.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Check out the latest technologies released for the upstream oil and gas industry.

Activity Highlights

International Highlights

Check out the latest E&P news highlights from around the world.

On The Move

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, promotions and appointments in the oil and gas industry.

Last Word

Connecting Subsurface Intelligence With Surface Operations

The digital twin makes operational collaboration a reality across E&P operations.