E&P Magazine frac sand and logistics

E&P Magazine - April 2019

This month's cover story focuses on frac sand and logistics. Other features cover drilling fluids and oilfield chemicals, sliding sleeves, flow assurance, and subsea trees. This issue also includes an automation and data technology showcase. The unconventional report focuses on the Permian Basin, and the regional report covers South America.

As I See It

Out Of Many, One

The solutions for the energy challenges of tomorrow will require creativity and diversity.

Cover Story

Shifting Sands: Market Disruptions Deliver Savings In Permian

In pursuit of the lowest cost and most efficient option, there’s been a shift away from Northern white sand from mines in northern states to regional, or in-basin, sand from mines closer to home.

Executive Q&A

Managing Digital Disruption Positively

Advancements in digital systems deliver value while transforming an industry.

Industry Pulse

Placing A Priority On EOR

Shale’s lure of quick returns has put EOR on the bench, but some companies prefer the long game.

Market Intelligence

Physics-based Or Data-driven Models?

Well interference has become problematic in oil and gas. Will data-driven analysis via artificial intelligence provide a solution?

Drilling Technologies

Green Shoots Sprout For Offshore Drillers

The year is shaping up to be a solid one of transition for the offshore sector.

Completions and Production

Finding A Solution To The Frac Hit Problem

Larger completions and tighter well spacing give rise to the industry’s reservoir management challenge.

Special Report

2019 Automation and Data Technology Showcase

In this special section, E&P highlights some of the latest products and technologies for upstream oil and gas and looks at how they will benefit companies in their ongoing search for improved production and more effective operating techniques.

Digital Solutions

A New Science For Well Forecasting

Can physics-based predictive analytics outperform a human reservoir engineer?

Training Simulators Are Helping Maximize Drilling Operations

New mobile simulator replicates range of operational platforms and elements for improved training.

Shale Solutions

Improving The Odds Of Success For Refracturing

A new liquid sealing material helps to restore the wellbore area to its original condition and improve the success rate of refracturing.

Testing Internal Wear-resistant Coatings In Production Tubing

High-performing coatings for internal surfaces of production tubing have been developed and successfully demonstrated in the field.


BTEX-free Asphaltene Dispersants For A Sustainable Flow

Manufactured from renewable and nontoxic materials, new ashphaltene dispersants meet strict regulatory requirements.

Challenging The Industry’s Approach To Well Diagnostics

New ideas reveal a greater truth.

Decoding Fluid Movement To Enhance Production

Diagnostics system delivers economic value through an asset’s life cycle.

Demand For Subsea Trees Increasing

Leading analysts forecast increasing and steady demand for subsea equipment.

OBM System For Difficult Wells

An organophilic clay-free, nonaqueous drilling fluid system achieves success in the Permian Basin.

Pushing The Limits In Sliding Sleeves

Mitigating erosion in high-proppant completions is a key factor in maximizing recovery.

Sliding Sleeve Flexibility In Completions Operations

Multi-open-close system improves economics in challenging North Sea wells.

Unconventional Report

Permian Continues To Drive US Production Growth

Once late to the Permian party, two supermajors are poised for significant ramp-ups in production from the Permian Basin.

Regional Report

Brazil’s Oil Production Outlook

Brazil has the potential for a 70% oil production increase by 2035, but is it likely?

Large Discoveries, Falling Costs Drive Interest In Offshore South America

Leading producers find new resource plays offshore Guyana and Brazil.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Check out the latest upstream oil and gas technologies and services. 

Activity Highlights

International Highlights

Check out the latest E&P highlights from around the world. 

On The Move

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, appointments and promotions as well as new company office and facility openings. 

Last Word

Collaboration: The Cornerstone Of Digital Transformation

The standardization of data formats helps increase connectivity between industry players.