July E&P_Shale Technologies

E&P Magazine - July 2019

In the July issue of E&P, the cover story focuses on shale technologies. This issue also includes the annual shale technology showcase. Other features cover geomechanics, drillbits, hydraulic fracturing and production optimization. The unconventional report focuses on the Denver-Julesburg Basin, and the regional report covers East Africa. 

As I See It

Fertile Ground

The next generation of energy innovators stands ready to tackle the next generation of energy challenges.

Cover Story

Keys To Reducing The Cost Of Treating Produced And Flowback Water

Efficiencies and cost reductions make water treatment and use of produced water more accepted.

Modular Shale Shaker Drives Performance Evolution

The ability to change from a single-deck to a multiple-deck unit in the field eliminates the need to change out the complete shaker system to gain increased capacity.

Scratching The Subsurface

The oil and gas industry has come far in its understanding of the unconventional subsurface, but there is still much to learn about shale’s tightly kept secrets.

Unsung Tools For Boosting Profitability Of Unconventional Wells

Amid new lows in permeability, biodegradable frac diverters lift production and lower completion costs.

World View

Making Core Out Of The Fringe

Permian operators turn to the edge of the play.

Industry Pulse

How Is Trust Affecting The Bottom Line?

Declining returns and growing demand for cleaner energy and sustainable products are impacting stakeholder trust in oil and gas companies.

Market Intelligence

Changing Tides

Will 2019 witness the first decline in water use for well stimulation?

Drilling Technologies

Addressing The Drilling Challenges Of Midcontinent Chert

Application-specific bit and cutter designs improve performance in Woodford application.

Offshore Drilling Transformation Underway

Upgrading the fleet, automation and more are delivering improved drilling efficiencies, reduced costs and faster times to first oil offshore.

Completions and Production

An Appetite For Field Extensions

Improved cost structures and technology innovations have led to prolonged production lives for offshore projects.

Special Report

Shale Technology Showcase

In this special section, E&P highlights some of the latest products and technologies for shale development and looks at how they will benefit companies in their ongoing search for improved production and more effective operating techniques. 

Digital Solutions

High-resolution DAS In Frac Design

A new monitoring service locates microseismic and strain events in real time.

Step Change In Operations Scheduling

Scheduling well delivery offers a strategic advantage.

Shale Solutions

Oilfield Water Intelligence Helps Water Midstream Sector Find Solutions

With roots in oil and gas, one company aims to turn water data into high-value solutions to answer big questions.

Offshore Solutions

Multifunctional Mobile Technology For Near-surface Well Intervention

A new compact tool provides an alternative intervention solution to conventional options.

Operator Solutions

Digital Reservoir Provides Insights Into Its Physical Twin

Leveraging a digital twin for integrated reservoir and production management delivers results.

Downhole Monitoring—New Advances, New Demands

Intelligent completion networks help open up new sources of downhole information.


Applying AI To Production Operations

Production optimization is a multivariable problem, and operators have options to solve it.

Frac Plug Advances Drive Faster, Easier Millouts

A new plug design cuts completion costs and reduces time to production.

Hitting The Mark

Curve drilling performance is targeted through customized PDC toolface and side-cutting design.

Improved Detection Of Wellbore Stability Parameters

A new LWD high-resolution ultrasonic imaging tool helps mitigate nonproductive time and deliver optimized wells.

Improving Operational Efficiency And Production By Selecting The Right Fluid Design

Adaptable fluids are needed for high-rate, high-pressure frac jobs.

Protector-less Artificial Lift Technology For Downhole Rotating Devices

Design helps eliminate failure modes of the ESP protector components.

Self-adaptive PDC Bit Technology Reduces Drilling Dysfunction In Deepwater Wells

Real-time drilling dynamics data demonstrate technology’s effectiveness for sustained drilling performance improvement.

The Challenges Of Parent And Child Wells

Production performance changes due to the interaction between parent and child wells can be modeled using the microseismic-derived fracture permeability values in a reservoir model.

Unconventional Report

Permitting Activity Drops In The D-J Basin

Fears of future regulations in Colorado mobilized operators at year-end 2018 to secure permits rather than take a ‘wait and see’ approach.

Regional Report

Will East Africa Find Oil Amid Challenges?

New exploration frontiers give hope to the region’s offshore market.

Tech Watch

Securing The Digital Oil Field

Intrinsic cybersecurity, open standards and Moore’s law have converged to enable a new era of wellsite productivity improvement.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Check out the latest products and services for the upstream oil and gas industry. 

Activity Highlights

International Highlights

Check out the latest activity highlights from around the world. 

On The Move

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, appointments and promotions as well as new company office and facility openings.

Last Word

The Digital Rig—A Path From Hyperbole To Sensibility

These simple steps will help the industry achieve value from the digital rig.

MEA Innovations

Winners Of The 2019 Special Meritorious Awards For Engineering Innovation

The E&P editors and staff proudly presented the winners of the 2019 Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation in May at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.