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E&P Magazine - March 2019

This month E&P features the significant progress made in the oilfield water management space, reviews technologies making an impact and discusses the next generation of water challenges.

As I See It

Water Slides Into The Spotlight

New technologies and approaches are bringing balance to the production of oil, gas and water.

World View

Devon Sharpens Focus On US Unconventionals

Oklahoma operator looks to shed Canada and Barnett assets.

Industry Pulse

Determining The True Cost Of Water

Business drivers in water management and its cost are significant in the Permian Basin.

Mitigating a ‘Tragedy of the Commons’

Striking a balance between shared use of finite resources and the interests of individual users is necessary in the Permian Basin.

Market Intelligence

Reduced Emission Completions

Green completions materially impact recovery and the bottom line.

Drilling Technologies

Keeping The Goodwill Flowing

A treasured Texas landmark is set to reopen after an independent operator partners with the state to fund repairs.

Completions and Production

Rapid Evolution Emerges In Permian Water Management Practices

Collaborations and JVs are indicative of innovative attitudes in the Permian Basin.


Adopting an Infrastructure Approach for Produced Water Management

One possible answer to the Permian Basin’s water woes lies in the sands of Oman.

Full Immersion Industry Gets Religion On Produced Water

Volumes could reach 50 MMbbl/d in just the Permian; all options are on the table.

Innovation, Ingenuity Drive Changes In Handling Produced Water

From recycle to disposal, new technology is needed to get the most out of one of Earth’s most precious resources.

Key Players: Companies Focus On Replacing Freshwater Sources

Technology for reusing flowback and produced water offers solutions for regions facing limited water sources and drought.

Managing Water For Increasing Production Volumes

As production rates continue to climb, so does the amount of water produced, along with the need to use more water for completions and production.

Shale Operators Aim To Tame Water Woes In Permian Basin

Companies operating in the Permian Basin are working to get a better handle on water-related issues as production increases.

Technology Reduces Produced Water By 50%

Proppant-bonded technology reduces formation water without hindering oil and gas production.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Check out the latest products and services for the upstream oil and gas industry. 

On The Move

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, appointments, promotions and company news. 

Last Word

Two Valuable Resources

The boom in hydraulic fracturing created the need for better water data and analytics.