Jan 2020 E&P magazine

E&P Magazine - January 2020

The January issue of E&P focuses on fracturing advances. Other features cover processing and interpretation, MPD/UBD, plugs, sand/water flowback management and floating production. This issue also includes an SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Conference technology showcase as well as our 2020 Energy Innovators honorees. The unconventional report focuses on the Midcontinent.

As I See It

From E&P Executive Editor: The Million-Barrel Question

Can U.S. shale hit the gas on its crude oil production at a moment’s notice?

Cover Story

A Comparison Of Proppant Crush Strengths

Permian Basin production rates are compared for Northern white and in-basin proppant types.

Key Frac Ingredients Moving In Different Directions

The dialing in of optimal completion designs by operators is keeping sand and water providers busy right-sizing their logistical response.

Stimulating Future

Positive results are emerging from fracturing field laboratories.

Industry Pulse

Three Steps Toward Building A Secure Future For Natural Gas

The challenge confronting the industry involves ensuring there is sufficient demand for the gas that the industry produces.

Energy Innovators

2020 Energy Innovators: Fueling The Next-generation Workforce

Amid a looming talent crisis and an aging workforce, the energy industry must adopt new strategies to attract fresh talent.

2020 Energy Innovators: Recognizing Today’s Technology Influencers

E&P’s new Energy Innovators program spotlights the oil and gas industry’s leading inventors, leaders and thinkers.

2020 Energy Innovators: The Skills Gap

An aging workforce and increased competition for tomorrow’s technical talent have left the oil and gas industry nervous about its future.

Market Intelligence

E&P Market Intelligence: Less Is More In The Midcon

Midcontinent E&P companies reduce well intensity to generate economic returns.

Completions and Production

E&P Completions And Production: Unlocking Value In Well Designs

Improved optimization could enhance the returns sought by oil and gas investors.

Offshore Advances

E&P Offshore Advances: A Tale Of Two Provinces

Deepwater Gulf of Mexico is set for another year of record oil production while U.S. regulators explore ways to prevent the stranding of resources on the shelf.

Special Report

E&P Technology Showcase: Headway In Hydraulic Fracturing

Innovators in the hydraulic fracturing space to highlight technological advances at upcoming SPE conference.

Digital Solutions

Unlocking Oil And Gas Security Synergies

The digital capabilities that can make a company more competitive can also protect its oil and gas operations from cyber threats.

Shale Solutions

Shale Solutions: Combining Drilling Power And Operational Flexibility

Downhole adjustable motor addresses directional drilling challenges for shale operators.

Shale Solutions: Driving Drilling Performance To Lower Operating Costs

New-generation downhole motor delivers increased horsepower, torque and durability to drill the curve and lateral in one run and drill extended-lateral sections.

Operator Solutions

Ensuring Confidence In Risk Management Platforms

New tools offer E&P operators improved means of managing risk and ensuring productivity while maintaining stringent HSE standards.


Accelerating Data-Driven Completion Decisions Through Fluid Tracking And Cloud Computing

Cost-effective technologies available for completion engineers rapidly interpret data and make real-time decisions, much like their drilling counterparts.

Frac Data Under Pressure: Flowback Goes Digital

Machine learning algorithms allow post-frac companies to develop automation capabilities to take action for abnormal conditions.

Frac Plug Evolution: Eliminating Mill-Out Times

The evolution of frac plugs has helped producers go to new lengths while reducing operational time and risk.

Plugs Evolving To Meet New Demands In The Field

Modern frac plugs have enabled the successful completion of extended-reach wells.

Proppant Flowback Control Additive Leads To Improved Production

A liquid additive is helping wells in the Permian Basin outperform offset wells.

Single Comprehensive Environment For Interpretation, Static And Dynamic Modeling

Software combines static and dynamic modeling in a single program launched by one executable file.

Unlocking Stranded Reserves With Unattended Installations

A digitally enabled floating production buoy concept provides opportunities to exploit marginal fields in the U.K. North Sea and farther afield.

Vaca Muerta Shale: Implementing A Flexible MPD Approach

As activity in the Vaca Muerta Shale continues, oil and gas operators should consider managed pressure drilling for all wells.

Unconventional Report

Oklahoma’s Bumpy Shale Ride

The Scoop and Stack plays are still in the money but only with improved well spacing and effective management of frac-driven interactions.

Tech Watch

E&P Tech Watch: Safety Optimization For Cable-deployed ESPs

A new downhole safety valve will create an improved well control tool for cable-deployed ESPs retrofitted to production wells.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends: Methane-Detection; AI, Machine Learning Combo; More

Check out the latest products and services for the upstream oil and gas industry including technology to cut carbon emissions by BP and a new tool combining AI and machine learning.

Activity Highlights

International Highlights

Check out the latest E&P highlights from around the world. 

On The Move

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, appointments and promotions as well as new company office and facility openings. 

Last Word

E&P Last Word: Sharing Data And Best Practice Advice Between Operators

While radical in its nature, an oil and gas operator’s commitment to data sharing is the key to huge savings across the industry.