November 2019 E&P magazine

E&P Magazine - November 2019

The November issue of E&P focuses on digital transformation. Other features cover basin modeling, cementing advances, fracture fluid optimization, emissions management and decommissioning. This issue also includes an ADIPEC technology showcase. The unconventional report focuses on Oklahoma, and the regional report covers Australia.

As I See It

Permission To Fail

The only way to fly is to first trust the fall.

Cover Story

Digital Transformation: In Progress

The oil and gas industry’s efforts to reinvent itself in a digital world are underway.

Moving Past The Hype At Pluto LNG

An Australian operator is putting AI to good use in its flagship facility.

Putting Big Data To Work For Offshore Insights

A modeling suite addresses key knowledge gaps to improve the prediction and evaluation of offshore systems for improved spill prevention and more.

The Strategic Path To Digital Transformation

Energy companies work to identify opportunities, challenges and methodologies of new technologies.

Industry Pulse

Structural Integrity Management Data Help Decommissioning

A SIM system ensures that assumptions made in the design phase are safely controlled and managed throughout the life cycle of the structure.

Market Intelligence

Three Blasts From The Past

Experimental nuclear detonations 50 years ago served as early day precursors to the horizontal drilling and multistage fracture stimulation methodology that has boosted U.S. natural gas supply to levels well beyond domestic consumption.

Drilling Technologies

Waste Not, Want Not

Innovation delivers first deployment of a hybrid energy storage system aboard a floating drilling unit.

Completions and Production

Can The Industry Meet The ‘Challenge Of A Generation’?

Industry leaders are making responsible energy development a priority.

Special Report

ADIPEC To Feature Industry’s Latest Tech Developments

Along with technical sessions, conference panels and networking events, new technologies will be one of the major highlights of the show.

Shale Solutions

Recent Trends In Perforating For Limited-entry Stimulation

Economic improvement is driving technology.

Unconventional Diagnostics For Unconventional Wells

New fracture flow diagnostics help operators elevate fracture performance.

Operator Solutions

Isolate Vertical Movement Resulting From Heave

A direct line compensator improved safety and reduced conventional rigup time during a two-well offshore intervention program.

Subsea Compression: Developing Solutions To Keep Gas Flowing

As oil and gas fields become depleted, energy companies are looking at how they can extend the life of operating fields, unlocking low-pressure reserves from reservoirs to maintain plateau production rates.


A Clean Approach To Radioactive Waste Management In Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Resin-coated proppant selectively sequesters radium downhole.

Advances In Technology Enable Engineered Emissions Controls

Combining technology and engineering produces efficiency in emissions management.

Avoiding Demolition Dangers Through Effective Planning

These insights into how best to approach decommissioning and demolition will help companies achieve optimal success.

Driving Down The Dollars

Developments in P&A technology can encourage decommissioning progress.

Minimizing The Effects Of Fracture Hits Using Real-time Designs

A Delaware Basin case study demonstrates various techniques to minimize parent and child well interactions.

Modern Cementing For Today’s Horizontal Wells

Utilizing the most modern practices for cementing is one area that offers significant value.

MPC In Narrow Pressure Windows

The use of managed pressure cementing delivers success in difficult deepwater wells.

Next-generation Green Friction Reducer

An alternative to the conventional inverse emulsion polymers improves performance in freshwater to high TDS produced waters.

Unconventional Report

Oklahoma Producers Still Standing

Leasing hot spots, improved drilling metrics and more reveal some silver lining in the cloud hanging over Midcontinent producers.

Regional Report

Australia Bustling With Exploration And Discovery

The energy industry witnessed record production as state governments and operators ramped up operations.

Tech Watch

Ensuring The Four-way Match

Mobile field operations software ensures accuracy in pressure pumping invoicing.

Optimizing Production Of Mature Waterflood Assets With Physics-based AI

Technology is applied to injector reactivation to assess flexibility in new workflows for reservoir management.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Check out the latest products and services for the upstream oil and gas industry. 

Activity Highlights

International Highlights

Check out the latest activity highlights from around the world. 

On The Move

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, appointments and promotions as well as new company office and facility openings.

Last Word

A Value-chain Approach To Reducing Emissions

A group of companies is working together to reduce methane emissions across the supply chain to ensure the sustainability of natural gas.