E&P Magazine

E&P Magazine - July 2018

Bustin’ Dust: Integrated System Enables New OSHA Regulation Compliance

An integrated system enables compliance with new OSHA dust regulations.

E&P Magazine - June 2018

Completing The Cycle

Enhanced designs increase well productivities.

E&P Magazine - May 2018

Offshore Transformed

Three leading operators explain how they are driving down the cost of developing challenging offshore fields and finding ways to recover more reserves.

E&P Magazine - April 2018

Examining The Industry’s AI And Digitalization Challenges

An executive shares his views on how the oil and gas industry can benefit from the application of technology advances made in AI and digitalization.

E&P Magazine - March 2018

Drilling Rigs And Cognitive Security

Overcoming resistance to AI can help implement better cybersecurity.

E&P Magazine - February 2018

Back To Basics On Seabed Surveys

Before deploying subsea development strategies, operators need to know where their equipment is going.

E&P Magazine - January 2018

Blowing The Permian Curve

Optimized completion design outperforms type curve in the Delaware Basin and delivers improvement in operational efficiency.

E&P Magazine - December 2017

Best of 2017: Completions And Production Companies, Systems Garnering Attention

Companies and systems were honored for their contributions to the industry and the environment.

E&P Magazine - November 2017

Coupling Reduces Tubing Wear

A new alloy used in rod coupling leads to cost savings through reduced tubing wear.

E&P Magazine - October 2017

Between The Cracks

New technologies unlock tight rock’s prize.

E&P Magazine - September 2017

Autonomous Vehicles Benefit From 3-D Seismic Arrays

Frontiers are being expanded for offshore seismic acquisition.

E&P Magazine - August 2017

Enhancing Offshore Oil Recovery

Despite challenging economics, offshore EOR offers substantial returns.