Hart Energy February 2021 issue of E&P Plus

E&P Plus - February 2021

Hart Energy's Faiza Rizvi delves into the rapid rise of remote operations in the cover story, which features interviews with Weatherford, Baker Hughes, Shell, BCG, Emerson and InEight.

In this month's Executive Q&A, Hart Energy's Brian Walzel chats with Scott Dale, executive director with Halliburton Labs, in this exclusive video interview.

Our monthly roundtable video features experts with RigER, Ambyint, Validere and Actenum Corp. and highlights how AI is driving oil and gas market recovery. 

The Company Spotlight feature highlights a video Q&A with Varel Energy Solutions CEO Derek Nixon, as he discusses the company’s new direction after its recent reset.

The Regional Report covers the Arctic.

As always, E&P Plus includes its exploration, drilling, completions, production and offshore features in every issue. 

As I See It

E&P Plus As I See It: Why It’s Time to Speak Up

The oil and gas industry can’t allow its narrative to be owned and told by others.

Cover Story

E&P Plus Cover Story: Rapid Rise of Remote Operations

Restricted movement due to global lockdowns has pushed oil and gas companies to reimagine operations and embrace remote technologies faster than ever.

Executive Q&A

E&P Plus Exec Q&A: Behind the Scenes at Halliburton Lab’s New Innovation Program

The oilfield service company’s clean energy incubator program gives startups a head start, says Halliburton Labs Executive Director Scott Gale.

Analyst Corner

E&P Plus Analyst Corner: Energy Transition and Why an Electric Car is not the Solution

It is time for the U.S. to take the lead in transitioning to a hydrogen economy.


E&P Plus: Cloud-Based Approach to Enhancing Production Operation Efficiencies

As the industry seeks opportunities to extract the most value from existing assets, cloud-based systems provide an opportunity for increasing production and enhancing operational efficiency.

E&P Plus: Digital Downhole Technology Enables Better Drilling Decisions with Data and Power

The focus on a reliable solution for powered and wired drillpipe has been a significant challenge for the drilling industry.

E&P Plus: Generating Value from Drill Cuttings

A new reservoir analysis software delivers an evaluation for cuttings, logs and drilling data to improve reservoir characterization.

E&P Plus: Problem Solving in the Field with ROVs

Over the years, the ROV industry has seen many iterative advances in technology, changing the role and modern capabilities of remote vehicles in subsea operations.

E&P Plus: Simultaneous Fluid Tracking During Completions Operations

A new and advanced workflow images fracturing fluid placement in real time.

Regional Report

E&P Plus: Alaska North Slope Simulation Study

Research reviews the impact of rheology models on the injection profile and recovery improvement of horizontal well polymer flooding in a heavy oil reservoir on Alaska’s North Slope.

E&P Plus: Arctic Exploration Continues

Unfortunately, during the past year, a number of major banks announced they would not finance major Arctic development projects.

Tech Trends

E&P Plus Tech Trends: New drilling and completions technologies

As companies look toward market recovery, these new drilling and completions technologies will help producers boost efficiencies and streamline operations

Activity Highlights

E&P Plus: February 2021 International Drilling Activity Highlights

Check out the latest oil and gas drilling activity highlights from around the world.

E&P Plus: February 2021 US Drilling Activity Highlights

Check out the latest oil and gas drilling activity highlights across the U.S. featured in the February issue of E&P Plus.

On The Move

E&P Plus February 2021: On the Move

Check out the latest new hires, appointments and promotions as well as new company office and facility openings. 

Last Word

E&P Plus Last Word: Industry Headwinds Mandate Technology Collaborations

Current E&P technology needs a significant pivot in the way applications are developed and delivered.