E&P magazine_GoM_April 2020

E&P Magazine - April 2020

The April issue of E&P focuses on the Gulf of Mexico. Other features cover reservoir characterization, deepwater rig advances, fracture fluids, artificial lift, subsea processing and production, drones, and operating efficiency solutions. The unconventional report focuses on the Bakken and Rockies.

As I See It

From E&P Executive Editor: Early Innings of Energy Transition

Increased investment in and the deployment of carbon capture technologies are needed to further the energy transition.

Cover Story

US Gulf of Mexico: Keeping the Faith

Ingenuity and innovation are delivering steady growth in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico oil and gas industry.

World View

E&P World View: Role of Oil Industry in the Energy Transition

The regional director of the IOGP discusses the association’s role in a changing upstream environment.

Industry Pulse

E&P Industry Pulse: New Trade Deal, Pipelines Favorable for US-Mexico Energy Trade

A revised tripartite trade agreement and new pipelines scheduled to go into service could further boost the flow of U.S. energy to Mexico.

Market Intelligence

E&P Market Intelligence: Whither Rig Count?

Efficiency means the industry needs fewer rigs while macroeconomics suggest oilfield service activity will be much lower in 2020.

Completions and Production

Refracs Emerging as Option for Growing Production

With cost constraints limiting new development, operators are finding value in revisiting understimulated wells.

Offshore Advances

E&P Offshore Advances: Catching Carbon

A full-scale CCS project in the North Sea takes another step closer to a final investment decision.

Digital Solutions

E&P Digital Solutions: Resolving the Industry’s Methane Leak Woes

New ground- and drone-based technologies use machine learning for real-time monitoring of methane leaks in oil and gas fields.

Shale Solutions

Shale Solutions: Getting to the Bottom of Extended-reach Lateral Challenges

Hydraulically activated completion solutions can reduce risk, lower costs and expedite bringing wells online faster.

Offshore Solutions

E&P Offshore Solutions: ‘Must-Have’ Outweighing ‘Nice-to-Have’ Options

A conductor-supported offshore platform’s modular design reduces capital costs and payback time and increases the internal rate of return.

Operator Solutions

E&P Operator Solutions: Transforming Operations with Additive Manufacturing

The potential rewards of additive manufacturing will ensure its rapid development and use in the oil and gas industry.

Onward and Upward: Cloud Geoscience Databases for New E&P Decade

Companies improve efficiency in asset evaluation, well planning and more with a cloud-based system.


Artificial Lift: More Production, Less Intervention

Digital intelligent artificial lift technology simultaneously enables enhanced recovery from dual-string gas-lift wells.

Artificial Lift: Optimizing Lift for Small-diameter Wells

An ESP system features an electromagnetic design and better efficiency as production rates decline.

Deepwater Drilling: Advanced Technology Improves Safety, Operational Efficiency

AI, LIDAR and advanced edge computing technology combine to deliver improved red zone management and more efficient operations and maintenance.

E&P Fracture Fluids: Friction Reduction with Sand Transport

Eagle Ford wells saw a reduction in treating pressure after dry friction reducer stages.

E&P Fracture Fluids: Stimulation Fluid Additives for the Next Cycle

The geologic complexity of unconventional reservoirs requires more than singular purpose chemicals.

Exploration: Gaining Illumination through Seismic Evolution

More azimuths and offsets mean greater exploration success.

Offshore: Expansion of Subsea Operations with Pipeline Bundling

Equinor’s Snorre Expansion Project pipeline bundling system sets records for diameter, length and weight.

Offshore: Shining a Light on the Entire Well

A downhole wet-mate system brings fiber-optic sensing to the pay zone, paving the way for optimized well operations and fully informed field development decisions.

Unconventional Report

Midstream Constraints and Regulatory Risks Dampen Rockies, Bakken Output

Improving takeaway capacity could free production logjam.

Tech Watch

E&P Tech Watch: Ceramic Microproppants Increasing Productivity

Microproppants have been developed to maximize propped reservoir contact, reduce production decline rates and improve stimulation efficiencies.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Check out the latest products and services for the upstream oil and gas industry.

Activity Highlights

International Highlights

Check out the latest E&P highlights from around the world.

On The Move

On the Move

Check out the latest new hires, appointments and promotions as well as new company office and facility openings. 

Last Word

E&P Last Word: Increasing Versatility of Drones Expands Opportunities for Data Capture

When people say the sky is the limit for Big Data, they must be talking about drones.