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Surface modification treatment increases oil recovery in unconventional shale
Tendeka has released ShaleModifier, an oil-based polymer treatment that covalently bonds to the rock surface to allow enhanced oil flowback from the nanonetwork, resulting in improved return on investment. Shale- Modifier can be pumped as part of the initial completion ahead of the hydraulic fracture or as a workover squeezed into the formation. Performance can be readily evaluated using reservoir analogs that replicate the inherent geometry of the shale in combination with formation water and oil. During testing, the treatment has demonstrated the ability to increase the volume of oil recovered during flowback by up to 250% and increase the average producing flow rate by 194% compared to a control. Resistance to flow in unconventional formations is created when droplets of brine form hydrogen-bonded networks with the surface of the silicate formation rock, creating additional capillary pressure. If the resistance is large enough, it can restrict hydrocarbon flow rates out of the fractured rock formation. The robust, binder chemistry in ShaleModifier has a controlled molecular weight allowing the active polymer to readily penetrate a pore network size as small as 100 nanometers with pressure differentials as low as 225 psi.

Mobile app remotely controls oilfield water systems
SitePro Inc. has released SitePro Mobile, a mobile app that gives operators greater visibility and control over their entire fluid management system. The app brings remote control and monitoring of real-time data and analytics from SitePro’s Command Center, the fluid management software, to mobile devices. While this capability has always been available through SitePro’s mobile web, the native iOS application enhances the user experience and expands the available options. The mobile app is equipped with a functional offline mode allowing users to access the most recently updated data even when a data network is unavailable. SitePro Mobile allows managers and field personnel to continue working when a traditional website is not available.

Site Pro
SitePro Mobile gives users real-time visibility into the performance of equipment and facilities across their entire system. (Source: SitePro Inc.)

Companies collaborate to offer seismic data
Katalyst Data Management has entered into a commercial agreement with IHS Markit to display seismic data from AccuMap on Katalyst’s SeismicZone.com website. The partnership will bring more than 60 years worth of seismic data available for license to the public website. SeismicZone.com visitors can access more than 4.7 million linear km of 2D data and 440,000 sq km of 3D data, along with key parameter information to help select the right data for purchase. This newly exposed 2D and 3D data will also be available for instant quality inspection by registered users of SeismicZone.com. The e-brokerage website provides a more timely method for potential purchasers and licensees of seismic data to view and quality inspect data online rather than having to wait for an individual
to provide the information. Additionally, AccuMap users can access the SeismicZone e-brokerage directly within the AccuMap platform and will have automatic access to the quality inspection tools available on Seismic-Zone.com. Visitors also can request to receive updates after seismic data are added to their area of interest.

Upgraded power connectors to minimize assembly and field maintenance time
Emerson has enhanced its Appleton 200-Amp Powertite series of pin-and-sleeve plugs, receptacles and connectors with new features that are designed to provide faster and easier field assembly, greater environmental protection
and improved worker safety. Capable of supplying reliable power to both fixed and portable heavy-duty electrical equipment, the enhanced series is designed to operate in wet, corrosive areas such as land-based drilling rigs. The addition of nested Allen slots inside the terminal block allow the terminals to be wired and fastened without disassembly, and funnel-type terminals prevent copper conductors from fraying and requiring repair during insertion. The upgraded Appleton 200-Amp Powertite plugs have a lockout provision on the plug sleeve where a locking mechanism can be installed by using the plug lockout lanyard accessory. In addition, marked terminal inserts on four-pole models offer fast visual indication of phases to guarantee safe wire installation. All terminals are deeply recessed in the receptacle and plug interiors to reduce danger of accidental touching and the potential for exposed arcs.

New offshore transfer system for people and cargo
Ampelmann has released the E5000 system, which is designed to transfer personnel as well as cargo weighing up to 5 tons in rough water environments. The technology is expected to be operational in the third quarter of 2020, and it is based on the previously used E1000 system, which has been performing people and cargo transfers safely since its launch in 2016. With one push of a button, the switch between people and cargo mode takes less than 1 minute. This plug-and-play system turns any vessel into an all-round offshore tool. As a result, clients benefit from shorter campaign durations, increased logistical efficiency and a broader scope of work, such as lifting fully fueled generators to wind turbines or support blade repair projects.

The E5000 transfer system is designed to operate in high sea states, thus enabling safe offshore access and extending the weather window of operations. (Source: Ampelmann)

VR training program for employees
Danos has released a virtual reality (VR) competency assessment and training program for employees to drive down costs for customers while increasing safety and minimizing exposure. The program curricula use VR software and headsets so employees can see a job site and virtually perform tasks. Training and assessments can be carried out at a Danos or customer office instead of traveling offshore or to a job site. By utilizing VR to assess and train employees, Danos is improving efficiencies in both land-based and offshore work environments. Employees undergoing assessment are able to demonstrate that they can perform a task rather than simply explaining the steps involved. At the same time, the technology creates an accelerated learning process by allowing employees to see the internal workings of equipment in the program’s animated view.

Advisory services help define and implement a digital program
EAG Services, an oil and gas IT consulting firm, offers evaluation, selection and implementation of technology solutions along with M&A services. Its clients are increasingly interested in what “digital transformation” means to the E&P industry, how to create an effective digital program and strategy, and which technologies provide a solid foundation for success. EAG Services' sister company, EAG 1Source, provides upstream and midstream organizations with back-office and IT outsourcing. 1Source CIO Advisory Services are designed to help clients define and implement a digital program with a focus on current trends including cloud computing; edge computing and the convergence of IT/OT; modern data and analytics architecture; and enterprise workflow and process automation. Along with CIO Advisory Services, 1Source offers clients cloud, field and infrastructure support as well as back-office processing for upstream accounting, midstream accounting, production accounting and land administration. 1Source is designed to help clients boost productivity, increase profits and alleviate staffing issues.

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