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Paisie: Dutch Vehicle Fleet Foreshadows Structural Shifts

The expanding role of battery electric vehicles will be supported by the development of associated supply chains, as indicated by Stratas Advisors' forecast of global EV battery production capacity.

Clean Harbors Closes $400MM Acquisition of HEPACO

Clean Harbors acquired HEPACO for $400 million, adding complementary services for environmental remediation and emergency response in the Eastern U.S.

Identified Need: Hydrogen Safety Standards in an Emerging Sector

Establishing fire protection measures remains critical for industry growth.

Baker Hughes Makes Flare Emissions Breakthrough

Baker Hughes has developed a new application for flare.IQ, its emissions abatement technology.

1PointFive, AT&T Enter Carbon Removal Pact

1PointFive said it is also participating in AT&T’s Connected Climate Initiative to collaborate on carbon removal solutions like direct air capture.

Hirs: LNG Plan is a Global Fail

Only by expanding U.S. LNG output can we provide the certainty that customers require to build new gas power plants, says Ed Hirs. 

Axis Energy Deploys Fully Electric Well Service Rig

Axis Energy Services’ EPIC RIG has the ability to run on grid power for reduced emissions and increased fuel flexibility.

Qnergy Tackles Methane Venting Emissions

Pneumatic controllers, powered by natural gas, account for a large part of the oil and gas industry’s methane emissions. Compressed air can change that, experts say.

Women in Energy: Here’s to Ms. Flat-Bottomed Paper Bag Inventor

A salute to the women of genius, including ‘Ms. Plain English Computer Language Inventor’ and ‘Ms. Parity is Not Conserved in Weak Interaction Discoverer.’

US Coast Guard Investigating Oil Spill Off California Coast

The U.S. Coast Guard is responding to an oil spill off the coast of Huntington beach.