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Bridging the Utility Gap: Powering Remote Project Sites with Temporary Solutions

The availability of electricity is essential for any off-grid, remote location, such as oil & gas and mining projects. However, research shows that connecting to the utility power grid can take as long as three years.

This in-between time is called the utility gap: the period between the start of a project and the connection to the utility power grid. During this gap, there is no access to reliable and consistent power from the grid, which can significantly impact your project’s progress and completion. This delay can lead to setbacks, lost productivity, increased expenses, and loss of revenue.

Temporary power solutions help organizations avoid these issues to bridge the gap until the utility power is connected. Read on as we explore the challenges companies face in securing their projects to utility power and the benefits temporary power solutions can provide.

This report was written in partnership with Distributed Power Solutions.

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