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US EPA Removes Existing Gas Plants From Proposed Carbon Rule

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will exclude existing natural gas power plants from its proposed carbon regulations that it plans to finalize in April. 

NAPE: Turning Orphan Wells From a Hot Mess Into a Hot Opportunity

Certain orphaned wells across the U.S. could be plugged to earn carbon credits.

NAPE: In Basins Familiar to E&Ps, Lithium Rush Offers Little Gold

A quest for sources of lithium comes as the lucrative element is expected to play a part in global efforts to lower emissions, but in many areas the economics are challenging.

Amid Climate Scaremongering, Energy Execs Urge Engagement, Realism

From shale boom to net zero goals, industry experts grappled with the contradictions facing the energy industry during SPE’s Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference.

Tax Credit’s Silence on Blue Hydrogen Adds Uncertainty

Proposed rules for the 45V hydrogen production tax credit leave blue hydrogen up in the air, but producers planning to use natural gas with carbon capture and storage have options.

The Risks and Benefits of the IRA’s 45Q, 45Z

The Inflation Reduction Act sections 45Q and 45Z are incentives to invest in energy transition and renewable energy projects, but they involve legal considerations to account for.

Romito: Time to Evaluate Carbon Price

The industry must evaluate its price of carbon to prepare for the impact of a possible border tax.

Biden Administration Hits the Brake on New LNG Export Projects

As climate activists declare a win, the Department of Energy secretary says the pause is needed to update current policy. 

Report: Biden to Announce Delay on New LNG Export Terminal Approvals

Sources say the White House plans to add climate change considerations to LNG export approval process.

Dysfunction With a Capitol D.C.

Growing party infighting makes Washington, D.C., a difficult place for the energy industry to get things done.