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Analyst: Energy Companies Should Prepare for Tighter Methane Regulations

Regardless of election’s outcome, investors will take emission reduction plans into consideration.

Integrated RNG: Nopetro Energy on Creating a Circular Economic Model

Working with municipalities, Nopetro Energy aims to produce 2 million MMBtu of RNG annually.

Keeping it Tight: Diversified Energy Clamps Down on Methane Emissions

Diversified Energy wants to educate on emission reduction successes while debunking junk science.

From Satellites to Regulators, Everyone is Snooping on Oil, Gas

From methane taxes to an environmental group’s satellite trained on oil and gas emissions, producers face intense scrutiny, even if the watchers aren’t necessarily interested in solving the problem.

Exclusive: Scepter CEO: Methane Emissions Detection Saves on Cost

Methane emissions detection saves on cost and "can pay for itself," Scepter CEO Phillip Father says in this Hart Energy exclusive interview.

Exclusive: Dan Romito Urges Methane Mitigation Game Plan

Dan Romito, the consulting partner at Pickering Energy Partners, says evading mitigation responsibility is "naive" as methane detection technology and regulation are focusing on oil and gas companies, in this Hart Energy Exclusive interview. 

Markman: Is MethaneSAT Watching You? Yes.

EDF’s MethaneSAT is the first satellite devoted exclusively to methane and it is targeting the oil and gas space.

New US Rules Seek to Curb Leaks From Drilling on Public Lands

The U.S. Interior Department finalized rules aimed at limiting methane leaks from oil and gas drilling on public lands.

Qnergy Tackles Methane Venting Emissions

Pneumatic controllers, powered by natural gas, account for a large part of the oil and gas industry’s methane emissions. Compressed air can change that, experts say.

MethaneSAT: EDF’s Eye in the Sky Targets E&P Emissions

The Environmental Defense Fund and Harvard University recently launched MethaneSAT, a satellite tracking methane emissions. The project’s primary target: oil and gas operators.