Gautier Noiray

Principal Engineer, McDermott

Education: MSc in mechanical engineering, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers
MS in materials engineering, University of Florida

Gautier Noiray is applying his subsea engineering experience and his programming expertise to transform the way McDermott conceptualizes, plans, executes and documents subsea projects.

Leadership: Noiray is leading a digital initiative within McDermott’s Innovation Group that is revolutionizing the company’s approach to subsea projects, bridging the gaps between disciplines and breaking down barriers to improve communication among project stakeholders.

Noiray’s team is leveraging FutureOn FieldTwin visualization capabilities by building a suite of modules that consolidates and automates processes from early stage conception to execution of subsea projects. Multiple in-house automated engineering tools are connected to FieldTwin to achieve fully integrated subsea engineering execution. 

Additionally, McDermott is using Dassault Systeme’s 3D Experience platform to build a smart, collaborative project life-cycle management platform for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI) project execution. Connecting the two applications allows McDermott to deliver a unique, fully digital execution process with collaboration at its core.

Accomplishments: Through this project, Noiray is applying his management, communication, subsea engineering and programming and software skills to help fashion a roadmap that will enable McDermott to create more streamlined and efficient project development capabilities.

This program brings data to the forefront to ensure there is one source accessible from anywhere in the world. It also will consolidate the estimation processes and simplify the handover of documentation by maintaining all the relevant data in one location.

In this new model, captured data becomes the input for future work. It allows McDermott to build on successful project execution and apply learnings to concept studies, new developments and enhancements to brownfield projects. When integrated into the Internet of Things, the data can be used to create a digital twin that facilitates predictive analytics. 

Through this program, Noiray is making a significant contribution to reducing turnaround time and maximizing resource management, enabling McDermott to efficiently plan, estimate and execute subsea projects. His work is promoting collaboration and paving the way to a new, enhanced way of working that optimizes engineering, making it more predictable and increasing delivery assurance.

Perspective: “The digital journey is about leveraging tools that help reshape work processes and ultimately increase efficiency,” he says. “It is so important to bring change across the whole organization, not just in individual disciplines, to fully realize the potential digitalization presents.”

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