Igor Uvarov

President, COO and Co-founder, ROGII Inc.

Igor Uvarov earned a master’s degree in geophysics from the Lomonosov Moscow State University. He spent more than 12 years working as a geologist in the oil and gas industry before identifying a need for new geoscience technology focusing on real-time placement of horizontal wells and setting up a company to fill the gap.

Leadership: Uvarov followed his gut when he set up ROGII. Leaving a job with an international operator, he started his company from his basement. He was driven to become an entrepreneur, following his passion to develop new technology for the oil and gas industry. Uvarov took an in-depth understanding of modern IT solutions and large-scale data management and applied it to address the day-to-day struggles and ineffective workflows that hobble operating companies. In only three years, Uvarov grew his company from an idea to a full-fledged solutions provider with seven international offices, serving more than 300 clients.

Accomplishments: Uvarov founded ROGII on the flagship geosteering software, StarSteer, a revolutionary tool that increases well-placement confidence and efficiency. From its introduction, StarSteer has enabled increased revenue through improved production and reduced nonproductive time. ROGII has enhanced StarSteer over the past six years and has added technology that incorporates modern IT industry solutions, including cloud-based data storage and modern computer processing power. Two years ago, the company released a collaborative, cloud-based SOLO platform that allows operations geologists in the office and on the rig to seamlessly communicate throughout a project using any mobile device. With the SOLO platform, stakeholders can collaborate to rapidly make the best decisions relating to the well.

Recent improvements to the StarSteer software that include an Automatic Geosteering algorithm, and a vendor-neutral Resistivity Modelling module are delivering groundbreaking improvements. With Automatic Geosteering, users can efficiently incorporate massive amounts of data using machine learning algorithms to improve well placement, and the Resistivity Modelling module enables operators for the first time to implement resistivity tools from any vendor in the world for in-house resistivity modelling.

While these established products are achieving success, Uvarov is finding inventive ways to leverage modern IT solutions and large-scale data management to develop the next round of innovative solutions.

Insight: “Our goal is to build a next-generation, collaborative cloud environment for geoscience, drilling and completion with a set of modern, interactive tools and applications. What we have achieved to this day is just the beginning of our journey.”

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