June 2016

E&P Magazine - June 2016

A new array pulse-neutron tool can be used in mature and producing fields for finding bypassed hydrocarbons and increasing production.

As I See It

The Leicester Philosophy

Like Leicester City’s fairytale story, the E&P business must do the basics right to hit the heights.

Cover Story

Technology Improves Gas Recovery Offshore Italy

A new array pulse-neutron tool can be used in mature and producing fields for finding bypassed hydrocarbons and increasing production.

View From Below: New Tools Aid Reservoir Understanding

A true understanding of the subsurface requires integration and ingenuity.

Exploration Technologies

First Mexican Seismic Data Full Of Promise

Multiclient surveys are showing remarkable structures and even possible presalt analogs.

Drilling Technologies

Last Rigs Standing Are Pad-optimized Permian

Drillers are trying to maintain utilization in an oversupplied market.

Completions and Production

Slippery Times Ahead For Sticky Problems

Liquid-impregnated coating may mean the end for fl ow assurance challenges.

Offshore Advances

Multilateral Stimulation Technology Aims To Boost Production

The technology is an openhole liner completion that connects the well and the reservoir without the need for hydraulic fracturing.

Digital Solutions

Digital Lifeline

The digital oil field could help producers weather the current storm.


Are Mexico’s Energy Reforms Opening A New Energy Frontier?

The country’s commitment to playing with international E&P investors and service providers will be key to its future success.

Completion Homogeneity

The low commodity price environment is forcing operators to stick to tried-and-true low cost solutions to well completion.

Contemporary Project Management

New philosophy delivers productivity through unleashing data, rethinking collaboration and empowering engagement.

Drillbit Records: Anniversaries Indicative Of Technological Advancement In Drillbits

Drillbit technology continues to evolve to meet higher standards for drilling efficiency and extended capability.

Enhancing The Reliability Of Artificial Lift Operations

Electric-free HSP solution offers improved reliability and flexibility.

ESP Surveillance Mitigates Production Threats

New 24-hr surveillance service helps mitigate threats posed by dynamic downhole conditions.

Evolving The Lower Tertiary

The Lower Tertiary has fully emerged as the GoM’s ‘Next Big Play,’ at least from a volume perspective, with 5 Bbbl of estimated recoverable reserves discovered so far.

New Tools For Drilling Challenges

Engineered products conquer downhole issues.

Reducing Costs In Shale Plays

Data analytics platform saves drillers time and enables faster decision-making.

Russia’s Arctic Projects Powering Cold Front

Despite much of the upstream industry’s Arctic ambitions being in deep freeze, Russia has been quietly operating its handful of producing projects with little fuss.

Saudi Shale Drive Powers Up

The low oil price has dramatically impacted the amount of cash flowing into the coffers of Saudi Arabia, but the kingdom’s avowed commitment to unconventionals remains firm.

Self-adjusting PDC Bits Could Enable Autonomous Drilling Systems

Fixed depth-of-cut control can be tuned to mitigate vibrations and deliver optimal performance in only a few target sections of a well.

Small Footprint Key Element In Frontier Exploration

New acquisition technologies allow seismic crews to operate in difficult terrain and urban areas.

True Cost Of Ownership

A wireless acquisition system with real-time QC overcomes the shortcomings of cableless systems.

Unlocking The Lower Tertiary

Discoveries in the PFB confirmed a world-class resource.

Well Integrity Management: Past, Present And Future

Well integrity management has come a long way.

Working Together

RSS-tailored bit designs improve drilling performance.

Tech Watch

Come Fly With Me: Drones Take Off In Oil, Gas Business

Unmanned aerial systems join their underwater brethren in the asset integrity management toolbox.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Read about the latest technology trends.

Activity Highlights

International Highlights

Read the international highlights for the month of June.

On The Move

On The Move

On the Move: new hires, promotions, resignations and new company locations.

Last Word

Revitalizing Mature Assets: Profiting From Advisory Relationships

Optimizing mature assets requires a holistic approach.