Service helps operators maximize efficiency
READ Cased Hole has released its latest logging service, ZeroTime, according to a press release. As a logging-while-working service, ZeroTime allows precision diagnostic data to be acquired during high-force mechanical interventions. By integrating into almost any bottomhole assembly, ZeroTime eliminates the need for standalone logging runs, simplifying well interventions and delivering critical decision-enabling answers in a significantly reduced time frame. ZeroTime services include the use of a ruggedized memory logging system deployed in specifically designed high-strength carrier assemblies for use in slickline, coiled tubing and drillpipe-conveyed well interventions. READ’s engineers perform onsite analysis using bespoke software applications to deliver detailed and to-the-minute downhole intelligence that operators can use to assess the effectiveness of interventions, enabling rapid key decision-making to enhance their next move.

Valves designed to improve injection rates
GEODynamics Inc.’s Engineered Completion Solutions Division has completed extensive field testing of the QuickStart Inject and Frac Valve product line and is broadly releasing it to the global horizontal completion market, a press release stated. The results of field testing yielded 100% successful toe-stage openings in more than 120 wells in the U.S. The patented QuickStart Inject and Frac Valve is the value offering within GEODynamics’ broader patented SmartStart Plus time-delay test and Frac product line, which has been successfully deployed more than 4,000 times.

Corrosion software increases user efficiency
Wood Group Intetech has released a new version of its ECE software, a press release stated. ECE is an established tool for corrosion analysis and materials selection. The latest version, ECE 5.3, includes a bulk calculation feature, which will enable users to simultaneously upload multiple data streams, saving valuable time in the data transfer process. Users can upload the inputs and access the results in a user-friendly Excel format, increasing ease of use.

Subsurface seismometer operates at any angle
Güralp has released a new-generation feature-rich subsurface seismometer that delivers “plug-in-and-go” installation for boreholes up to 2,000 m (6,562 ft) deep and shallow posthole applications, according to a product announcement. The Radian is a broadband triaxial digital seismometer designed using a sensor, meaning it can operate at any angle. This capability, combined with its compact form, data capture and instrument management features, makes it ideal for rapid and temporary seismic deployments, especially in areas of high cultural noise. The sensor inside the Radian allows the masses to operate at any angle. The surface interface unit (SIU) receives data from the Radian’s internal magnetometer and MEMS accelerometer to optionally realign sensor data to true geographic orientation. The SIU delivers Ethernet data communication and also can be accessed via a Bluetooth Android application to check installation integrity without physical disturbance. Further instrument management features include dual-redundant MicroSD card storage for hot swapping without data loss and streaming of instrument response and calibration parameters in dataless SEED format.

Software minimizes financial risk
Emerson Process Management has released Roxar Tempest 7.2, the latest version of its integrated reservoir engineering software suite that can be applied in a wide variety of scenarios, including field appraisal, field optimization and brownfield development, a press release stated. Tempest 7.2 comes with enhancements to its history-matching and uncertainty analysis module Tempest ENABLE that will help oil and gas operators generate accurate production estimates, quantify uncertainty and minimize financial risk. New features within Tempest 7.2 include the Roxar App Connector that allows users to set up a complex multi-application description of their reservoir that can be used in ensemble-based workflows—a set of runs of linked programs that can predict how an oil reservoir might respond and provide accurate statistics on field performance.

Application assists with preplanning
Retriever Communications has released Retriever Prepare. The new enterprise application helps eliminate the reliance rig managers, field engineers, geologists and derrick hands have on manual or Microsoft Excel-based solutions for prejob planning processes. This project management tool integrates with infield scheduling and mobile delivery to help businesses provide a seamless experience from the initial work order appointment booking to the onsite project completion, a press release stated. Retriever Prepare improves efficiency and productivity by eliminating the need for manual or Microsoft Excel-based preplanning processes that often result in disconnect between customers, appointment makers, dispatchers and field technicians. The application allows users to manage tasks requiring completion prior to job commencement (e.g., pre-scope inspections or parts order) as well as track and record all prejob task activities (e.g., access to a full audit history).

New subsea concept could reduce costs
At the Barents Sea Conference in April Statoil presented a new subsea concept that is designed to reduce cost and increase efficiency, a press release stated. The concept is called Cap-X, a combination of existing and new technology. Cap-X is one-fourth the size of today’s subsea templates and enables more operations from vessel instead of rig. The technology increases the efficiency of horizontal drilling in shallow reservoirs. The main structure of the technology can be produced in shorter time by a larger number of suppliers, with potential for local production. The development of Cap-X was initiated in 2013 to increase commerciality of potential resources in the Barents Sea.

Treatment protects against mosquitos
The presence of the Zika virus on American soil has brought the long-term effects of mosquito-borne illness and disease into the limelight, but industrial workers in tropical climates have understood such dangers for years. In fact, each year illnesses transmitted by mosquitos are responsible for 725,000 deaths globally. Red Wing Shoes Co. has developed VectorGuard, a new treatment designed to protect workers. Utilizing the same technology proven safe and effective for military combat uniforms, VectorGuard binds permethrin—the only pesticide approved for this application by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency—to fl ame-resistant and nonfl ame-resistant garments. Effective through 50 washes, independent testing has proven that VectorGuard drastically reduces mosquito bites to the skin.

Petrochemical analyzer provides fast compositional analysis
908 Devices has released G908, a universal petrochemical analyzer that combines the company’s patented high-pressure mass spectrometry (HPMS) technology with the separating power of ballistic gas chromatography (GC). The combination of HPMS and GC provides fast compositional analysis, improving efficiency and providing cost savings in use cases that range from exploration and extraction to manufacturing and retail, a press release stated. With G908, users can rapidly perform testing in-line, at-line, in the laboratory and at remote field-based settings. Operators of all skill levels can monitor process streams for specific compounds, detect problems quickly and facilitate immediate action. G908 weighs 28 lb and enables broader analysis capabilities by positively identifying and quantifying a range of analytes, including low-level impurities, within complex product stream matrices at the point of need.

Unmanned transportation service delivers payload up to 14 lb
Valmie Resources Inc. has released the Aerolift eXpress, an unmanned transportation service that operates using military-grade vehicles and systems. With a focus on the energy sector, the joint venture partnership between Valmie and the privately held technology startup was disclosed in May at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston. Valmie is a development-stage company dedicated to the rapid commercialization of unmanned aerial system technologies and solutions. “Currently, Aerolift can deliver a sizable payload of up to 14 lb within an operating radius of 250 miles [402 km], with plans to increase the payload size to as much as 80 lb in subsequent development phases,” said James Stafford, Aerolift eXpress CEO and founder.