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Locus Bio-Energy Solutions


E&P Highlights: Nov. 13, 2023

Here’s a roundup of the latest E&P headlines, including a small but commercial discovery in the North Sea and new contract awards.

Tech Trends: The 'Small but Mighty' Biosurfactants Enhancing Oil Mobility [WATCH]

In this week's episode of Tech Trends, Hart Energy's Jaxon Caines is at Locus Bio-Energy to learn about the 'small but mighty' biosurfactants used for enhanced oil recovery. 

Women in Energy: Megan Pearl, Locus Bio-Energy Solutions

Today's featured 25 Influential Women in Energy honoree is Megan Pearl, Ph.D., MBA, vice president of technology at Locus Bio-Energy Solutions.

AI, Biosurfactants Help Drain Oil Reservoirs

Two companies have developed new ESG-friendly EOR methods to help operators produce more barrels.

E&P’s 2022 ‘Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation’ Winning Technologies

The MEAs program recognizes new products and technologies designed by companies and people who understand the need for newer, better and constantly changing technological innovation to appease the energy-hungry world.

Emerging Fracking Technologies Aim to Further Optimize US Production

Upstream companies working to boost oil and gas production responsibly and affordably are being aided by groundbreaking new products that are reimagining the future of supply.

DUG East: Technology Roundtable: The Tools and Techniques for Low-carbon Operations

Hear representatives from Antero Resources, Welltec and Locus Bio-Energy Solutions discuss how to limit greenhouse-gas emissions from natural gas operations.

How-to for Frackers: Increase Oil Production, Lower Carbon Emissions

Dr. Megan Pearl of Locus Bio-Energy Solutions and Catalyst Energy Services COO Seth Moore share ways shale producers can increase oil production efficiency while maintaining ESG-friendly operational practices.

DUG Permian Extra: How Operators Can Align More Output with ESG Goals

Megan Pearl, director of technology at Locus Bio-Energy Solutions, discussed how the company’s naturally produced biosurfuctants are helping operators increase production while meeting climate goals.

Energy Policy Watch: How Technology Can Help US Producers Address Oil Supply Crisis

Jon Rogers, CEO of Locus Bio-Energy Solutions, joins the latest installment of Energy Policy Watch to discuss a possible solution for U.S. producers to boost domestic oil production amid calls from the Biden administration to open the taps.

Revitalizing Bakken Production with Bio-based Technology

Through a recent partnership between Creedence and Locus BE, operators in the Bakken now have access to a novel, ESG-friendly technology to sustainably increase oil production.

Energy Technology Investment: The Quest for Emissions-free Production

Executives of four energy technology companies discuss how digitalization is making carbon management goals possible in the oil patch.

Are ESG-driven Green Technologies the Future of Fracking?

As ESG gains momentum, the pressure for sustainable production is pushing upstream companies to adopt new technologies for cleaner fracturing operations.

DUG Permian: Roundtable: Lands of the (Emissions) Free

These technology providers discuss how technology is making carbon management goals possible in the patch.

Biosurfactants EOR Technology Maximizes Financial Stability and Sustainability of Well Operations

Producers are using sustainable biosurfactant technology to reduce production declines.