Emerging Fracking Technologies Aim to Further Optimize US Production

Upstream companies working to boost oil and gas production responsibly and affordably are being aided by groundbreaking new products that are reimagining the future of supply.

ChampionX’s plunger lift tools help operators in tight oil plays optimize production economics as horizontal wells mature and product output begins declining. (Source: ChampionX)

This story will appear in the upcoming Hydraulic Fracturing special report.

Growing political turmoil and record-breaking gas prices are reigniting the demand for responsibly produced domestic oil and gas. New technologies are helping the energy sector answer that call. Many of the products being launched are paired with existing equipment or infrastructure to help companies optimize production economically while meeting ESG goals.
Whether it’s a technology that is lowering carbon emissions from chemical management programs or optimizing production with artificial lift systems, innovative products throughout the industry are helping operators do more with less.

“The key to creating real, adoptable change within the industry is to recognize the importance of steady, iterative improvements to existing technologies,” said Julie Fidoe, director of marketing for production chemicals at ChampionX, a global oilfield service company. “One of the things the chemical technologies business has always been focused on is partnering with our customers to honestly evaluate current operations and products to focus innovation on immediately employable enhancements that move all of us closer to our future goals.”

ChampionX is among the companies committed to sustainably focused innovation. After acquiring Tomson Technologies in late 2021, it launched a nanotechnology platform to enhance the performance of existing production chemistries. When applied to its Total Scale Management Program, the technology has demonstrated a 300% extension to the historical scale squeeze lifetime in more than 150 applications to date. As a result, the XR (extended release) portfolio provides a reduction in required well intervention, and with that, a decrease in associated operational maintenance expenses and carbon footprint.

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